Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cause of Wasteful Batteries & The Solution

Battery. In its development is always accompanied with a higher specification phone. Such as camera, video player, music player, GPS, and so forth. All of which require more power from your battery. And many mobile users who feel that their gadget problems on batteries. But before you have the same conclusion, it would be better to note the features of your gadgets that often did you use every day.

Maybe some of the features that require a lot of power as I will write the following, often you use each day.
  1. GPS, GPS is a feature that most wasteful of power, because the GPS receiver using radio waves. especially if the use of maps requires Internet access via 3G or GPRS, which means the proper functioning of the two features at once.
  2. Browsing & Voice Communication, Browsing and voice communication are equally great power required. Because that's usually included in the specification of cell phone talk time information. This information is useful so that you can prepare at any time require communication that is urgent.
  3. Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, .wi-fi and bluetooth, they both require a large battery power when in use, therefore, do not forget to always turn it off if it is not used anymore
  4. Radio, Video/music player, radio and video player / music does not require a large power compared to when using the camera, but usually this feature is most often we use. Because the frequency of use is what causes the power in our batteries is reduced rapidly.

Tips to extend your battery life
  1. The simplest thing we can do is not too often done on the battery charging., Please note that the average battery life, charging time is 400!!! So the less we make the process of charging / discharging, the battery life will be longer.
  2. Shorten the charging process, The most effective way in the process of charging is while the phone is in turn off position. So the more we shorten the time of charging, the battery life will be longer.
  3. Do not be too often change simcard, Tahukah anda? Bahwa pada saat kita mengganti simcard kita dan ponsel kita nyalakan, saat tulah ponsel kita bekerja cukup berat seperti misalnya proses loading sistem ponsel itu sendiri serta melakukan upaya pencairan sinyal dari operator seluler, karena kdua proses inilah yang paling membutuhkan banyak daya dari baterei.
  4. Never Too often change simcard, Did you know? That when we replace our simcard and turn on our cell phones, cell phones while working sufficiently severe plagues such as the process of loading the phone system itself as well as make efforts disbursement signals from mobile operators, because the two processes is that most require a lot of power from the battery.
  5. Avoid usage of features that are not necessary, I thought it was pretty obvious right? so do not need to be discussed too long.
  6. Avoid collision and splashing water, One of the things that cause a battery short-lived due to shorted. And short circuit can be caused because the phone too often fall or from an impact or it could be because the phone is exposed to liquids. You should use a protector for your phone.
  7. Avoid your battery from totally empty of power.

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