Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Samsung Will Produce Gadget of Mobilephone with Flexible Screen

It seems that the competition among smartphone vendors are not going to never stop, always present with amazing innovations, for those of you who are fans of this gadget would further spoiled by the presence of new gadgets with high-tech touch.

With the launch of the Nokia smartphones based on Windows Phone 7, at the end of October last. Nokia a mobile phone company based in Finland also announced it would bring the phone with a flexible display technology. Likewise, the Samsung, which we know as the mobile device market share leader announced similar plans, which will be realized in 2012.

Samsung Smartphone
Keep in mind, Samsung plans to launch this product was born after Samsung made acquisitions entirely to Liquvista, in January 2011 ago. As you know that Liquivista is a company that created the electrowetting display technology. This technology is capable of producing an electronic product with the view that much more light, transparent, efficient and definitely flexible. In March 2011, Yongsuk Choi, Director of Samsung Mobile Display states that future mobile devices owned by Samsung will be coming soon.

This year may indeed be the year of Samsung, how not? Samsung from Korea was able to sell 27.8 million units of smartphones prominence, while Apple is only able to sell about 17.1 million units.

And it turns out Samsung's sales figures are not only coming from the device based on Android, but also contributed by the output device platform Samsung Bada, where with this platform presents a range of smartphone Samsung premises cheaply.

So if the flexible display technology that will be launched Samsung is able to show a high contribution in the future? We'll wait ....

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