Thursday, July 28, 2011

Video Call Between Two Different Platform, Android – iPhone

You'r Android users, you need not envy with the users of the iPhone and iPad applications because they have a facetime to make video calls, anyway there is a video call using 3G service isn’t it?

Well, now the fun has been present, an application for Android users to make video calls should Facetime on the iPhone and the iPad. The application is called Tango.

This application was developed by Tango developers and can be used free of charge. What is great of this application, this application allows Android users can make video calls between users of Android and can also make video calls between the phones that have the IOS platform, very nice course!

Ok, if you want to use the Android user and this application, you can immediately download it, here's how to download and how to install:

  • Download via Android market
Tango Download Process 1

  • Once Installed, enable this application
Tango Download Process 2

  • Fill out your Tango account with your number, and include your email address
Tango Download Process 3

Tango Download Process 5

  • Once you have an account, then you can immediately make video calls with your friends, of course you must enter your friend contact number into the phonebook first. Also you can get the phonebook from contact with the phone need to refresh.
Tango Download Process 6

  • You can perform two-way video communication, just a suggestion, it would be nice if your mobile phone and your associates are equipped with dual cameras.

  • You can do the on / off voice or video by pressing the appropriate soft button logo in the bottom left line for voice and on the right above for video. However, this feature can only be done when you make calls with fellow Android users only.
Tango Download Process 7

  • You can do this for free calls over an internet connection.
Tango App

Note :
Pros :
  • Tango can be used not only use the Wi-Fi
  • Multi Platform
  • free
Cons :
  • Sound quality. Through the same Wi-Fi channels, facetime are still better.

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