Friday, October 5, 2012

gadget-arian : New Episode of Apple vs. Google: Is Apple Will Win ?

For a long time relying on Google Maps, Apple finally decided to no longer use it. Starting in iOS 6 operating system, Apple is using their own maps service, Apple Maps.

However and unfortunately, Apple Maps does not seem to be prepared properly. As example, in the directions shown on the map, many of which are not accurate. 3-dimensional features of Apple Maps was not good, as a result a lot of building form that appears visible is not as it should be.

Than Why Apple No Longer Uses Google Maps?

 This is the reason :

Google Maps On Android Looks Better When Compared Google Maps On Apple 

One reason for Apple to stop the service Google Maps possible because Apple was not given a good service by Google. Chris Ziegler of The Verge technology media, said that Google Maps for Android is getting better than the version for iOS.

This happens because Android is an operating system made ​​by Google itself. Apple was not satisfied with Google's policies. "Apple considers that older versions of Google Maps in iOS lags behind Android, especially since there is no access to turn by turn navigation has been given by Google on Android in recent years," writes Chris.

Apple Fails Forcing Google

Apple initially wanted to use the data from Google to roll out voice-based navigation service on iOS. But they failed to force Google to give it.

"Apple continues to compel Google to provide the data necessary to carry voice-guided navigation to iOS. But according to sources, Google has invested a lot to create the data did not want to hand it over," said John Paczkowski from AllThingsD.

Google assess that these features are advantages of the Android operating system creations. This is one reason Apple soon divorcing Google Maps.

Apple Not Want to Wait 

According to sources, Apple actually will stop the Google Maps service in 2013. But they decided to speed it up.

John grubber, an technology analyst, consider that Apple does not want to wait any longer for Google to grant his request. They immediately launched its own Maps service.

Moreover, the introduction of Apple Maps also gain momentum. That in conjunction with the release of the iPhone 5 and iOS operating system 6, which attracted much attention.

Apple Also Wants to Be Superior In Maps

Apple might know from the beginning that they have a map service problems. But they speculate that the fans will understand and then Apple will continue to develop for the better.

Matthew Yglesias, a technology analyst, assessing Apple also had a dream that one day could be a superior map service provider as its rivals.

"The Apple achieved by ending the relationship with Google is a chance that one day they had a map of the best in the world. During Apple still relies on Google, they will never have that opportunity," said Matthew.

Apple Wants More Innovative From Google

Although there are some problems, some parties felt that such facilities like Flyover and 3-D vision option is quite good. New York Times media rate, 3-D map options Apple is an advantage over Google Maps.

Monday, September 24, 2012

gadget-arian : 5 Most Expensive iPhone Application

IOS operating system that strengthens the famous iPhone has a choice of exciting applications. Some are free, some are paid. Want to know what applications are most expensive in iOS?

Reported by Distimo, a mobile application analyst, outstanding applications in the iTunes App Store is bounded on the price of $ 999.99 due must be no more than $ 1,000. Some of these applications not only present for the iPhone, but also for the iPad.

Here are 5 of them:

1. Agro App (iPhone/iPad, USD 999,99)

iOS applications

This application is intended for the agronomic, those who care about administration of agricultural crops. Agro said to be able to create and distribute inspection reports about the land.

"No matter what field of agronomy you run, whether it's dealing vineyards, farms, sugar cane, with large-scale or small-scale, it will save time and work efficiency by eliminating duplication of documents," wrote Agro.

2. MobiGage Laser  App (iPhone/iPad, USD 999,99)

iOS applications

This is an application that works with laser metrology Leica to measure materials in manufacturing plants. MobiGage laser can be used in the production of aircraft and automobiles.

"The reason why this application is priced $ 1,000 is because Apple forbids us to mematoknya at the price of USD 25,000. This is a payment that is worthy of an innovation that was born from the PC version," said Frank Ruotolo, President Titansan Engineering, MobiGage maker.

3. BarMax App (iPhone/iPad, USD 999,99)

iOS applications

This application is created by Hawvard Lawyers Team and iPhone developers. It can be guessed, try BarMax present as a solution for users who are preparing for the exam essay, MBE, to test competency.

Because contains a lot of content, the size of this application is very large, up to 1.4 gigabytes total, making it one of the largest sized applications in iTunes.

Sina Mobasser, co-founder TestMax Inc., Making this app BarMax said that the price is pegged at $ 1,000 figure is actually still cheaper and valuable than if the user follows the traditional course method.

4. iVIP Black App (iPhone, USD 999,99)

iOS applications

This is a premium service tool for iPhone users. For this application, users can booking a private jet, yacht, private island and other fancy stuff.

5. Engine Connect App (iPad, USD 999,99)

iOS applications

Engine Connect can be used in a TV weatherman presenter, Sportscaster and news readers using the iPad to manipulate the animation and graphics. So that viewers at home can feel the sensation of the animation directly on the glass screen.

gadget-arian : Cost Production of iPhone 5

iPhone 5 production
IPhone 5 16GB Unlocked price is $ 649. How much profit can be gained from the sale of the Apple iPhone 5 16GB?

Quoted from VentureBeat, UBM Tech Insight analyzes that Apple should spend money of 167.5 U.S. dollars to produce an iPhone 5 16GB unlocked version.

According to Tech Insight, which are the most expensive component in the iPhone 5 is A6 processor. Components are expected to have a four-core is expected to be priced at 28 U.S. dollars.

The second most expensive component of the iPhone 5 is a 4G LTE modem from Qualcomm. It is estimated that the modem has a price of 25 U.S. dollars. From total cost of production Apple will get a gross profit of 481.5 U.S. dollars.

The gross profit margin was not entirely to Apple. They still have to pay for the marketing and promotion of the iPhone 5 is budgeted from the gross profit. However, the rest of the profit is expected to remain large enough for Apple. For comparison, Apple gets a net income of 8.8 billion dollars in the last quarter.

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