Sunday, November 13, 2011

The New “Blackberry Kingdom” Come Out From Far East Country…Called Indonesia!!!

It could be said RIM Blackberry smartphone manufacturer brand is currently undergoing a phase where there is a very significant decline in demand for their products in global markets, plus a few more serious problems that face it was on such as issues relating to the efforts of lawsuits over its failure to maintain a quality network that had death in Europe, further adds to the weight load on the sale of its products. Very well possible that the decline in sales figures is due to a lack of support for applications and features in its products.

So how RIM is able to survive until now? The answer is because in some countries, RIM actually be able to demonstrate the performance of the sales are fantastic, RIM is still able to breathe easily, because there are few countries that actually contributed to the sales of the Blackberry with a very significant sales figures. Where is it? One of them is Indonesia a country from far east.

Blackberry Smartphone
When the market share in the U.S. starting displaced by the popularity of the iPhone and Android up, leaving only 13% only, even in Indonesia with a product called Blackberry RIM able to seize 46% of existing market share, outpacing other smartphones. So it is not denied that the contribution of sales in Indonesia together with South Africa was able to make RIM still survive in the global onslaught of competitors in the world.

With the condition is indeed feasible if Indonesia dubbed by The Blackberry Kingdom. And any new variant that many are released debut in Indonesia.

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