Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Smartphone / Tablet Android Runs Slowly ... Upgrade Your Micro SD!

If you feel that Android smartphone or tablet that you have to work not as fast as you would expect, certainly this will hamper your activities in using these devices isn’t it? The answer is upgrade of the original Micro SD is in the package you purchased the smartphone. Does this provide a significant improvement ... please check the following report:

This test is performed by jagatreview using Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. The performance testing using An Tu Tu Benchmark software Application. Test tools to be compared is the Micro SD Standard performance of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and Kingston MicroSDHC Class 10.

Test No. 1
Reading Speed
An Tu Tu Application
Test results show after doing the replacement MicroSD with class 10 reading speed has increased, although not too far adrift.

Test No. 2
Writing Speed
 AnTuTu Application
The test results show a much better performance if you use MicroSDHC MicroSD class 10 compared with the Standard.

Test No. 3
Perform Data Copy Speed Process
antutu application
Results of testing the copy process is using a USB connection into the MicroSDHC Class 10 also showed a better performance.

In general the results of this test is known that by doing the replacement / upgrade from the standard Micro SD Micro to SDHC class 10 smartphone can work much better. And in the process of any video recording 720 pixel size is known nothing is faltering.

If you are user of the smartphone, upgrade to the external memory with MicroSDHC Class 10 is the recommended thing. And keep in mind that the upgrade of MicroSD will not affect the App speeds that exist in the internal memory, and capacity of the size of a Micro SD had no effect on the speed at all, but that influence come from the level of Micro SD class.

Hopefully useful!

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