Friday, September 7, 2012

How To Install Androids Apps On SD Card

As we know Android as the operating system offers many applications that can be used by its users. Moreover, Android offers a lot of applications that can be downloaded for free. That is why

That is why the number of daily activation reached to 900 thousand devices.

The more the number of applications in smartphone devices certainly require greater memory space. Unfortunately, by default any application that you install on your android device will definitely go into the internal memory of the phone. And certainly we have Android devices have limited internal memory capacity, and this will limit the number of applications that you can install into your own smartphone.

Ways to overcome the limitations of internal memory, you can move the installed applications from the internal memory to external memory safely without the need to take risks such as routing or other hacking steps.

The following steps:
Download this file, then ekstract file named "Enable Move To SD.bat" to the PC. 
Androids Apps On SD CArd

Make sure you have installed the smartphone to your PC drivers.
Activating USB debugging on your phone by giving a check mark in settings -> applications -> development -> USB Debugging. Especially for phones with Android OS 4.0, you can find the setting USB Debugging by going to settings -> developer options -> android debugging. 
Install Androids Apps
Enable also install APK from unrecognized sources by providing a check mark in settings -> Security -> device administration -> unknwon sources. 
Androids Apps
After that, connect the phone to the PC. 
Once connected properly, immediately run the "Enable Move To SD" 
Enable Move To SD Card
To move applications from internal memory to external memory, Please login below to settings -> applications -> manage applications. and select the application you want to move by selecting the "Move To SD Card". 
Here's an example of the difference image facebook application before reactivation "Move To SD Card" to facebook application after successfully activate the "Move To SD Card". 
facebook Apps


facebook for Androids

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