Sunday, May 13, 2012

Android No Longer Used By Samsung...?

Tizen Platform On Samsung Mobile
Samsung has become the world's top smartphone vendor. This is, of course, because the support of the operating system that is very popular today, namely Android, which now continues to be the mainstay platform for Samsung Galaxy. But... 

As known in addition to Android, it's actually Korean vendor has its own operating system called Bada, which has been used in several of his cell phone. Although not too bright as its Android mobile phone, mobile phone sales in 2011, Bada and close to 10 million units.

Not long ago, Samsung announced the Galaxy S III. Of course with a variety of neat features in it, the smartphone that Samsung seems to be a weapon to remain the top vendors in the arena of competitive smartphone market. However, no matter how good Android to Samsung, Samsung does not want rely on to single vendor.

 Last January, Samsung has announced working on a new project led by Intel, to develop Linux-based operating system known as Tizen. As revealed by Kang Tae-jin, the company intends to merge Tizen and Bada.

Samsung have not stated a long-term goals regarding the cooperation with Intel. But quite interesting, the first debut of the new mobile platform has been done on the Tizen Developer Conference 2012. If viewed from the hardware on the Tizen Smartphone, which includes 720p high-definition screen, dual-core processor 1.2 GHz ARM-based, indicate if the operating system may not only strived for an entry level Samsung Smartphone. Moreover, Samsung has been much involved with developing Tizen user interface.

As a result, even though Android has become the flagship platform, Samsung seems to have begun to realize that it must have the initiative if it wants to have more control. In the Galaxy S III for example, although the Samsung TouchWiz UI has been polished and modify with other software, it will still be limited by nature when dealing with another company's platform.

While Tizen, even though its open source which means it can not be controlled entirely by Samsung, but because the samsung is very intense involvement in the development platform, it will at least give us a strong taste of the Samsung smartphone based on Tizen... later. So, we wait!

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