Friday, June 8, 2012

Monitor Audio Sound Frame, It's A Cool Gadget Too

Sound Frame

Interior design now can not be separated from technological developments. Many gadgets such as a multimedia device that we can use to enhance your room design, such as the sound system to enjoy favorite music. However, sometimes the existence of such a device as limit the movement when performing daily activities.

As a solution to the problem at once interior audio system you can try this one device, Sound Frame made by Monitor Audio. Unique design, similar to the picture frame / photo, which is suitable also functioned as interior decoration. This audio device can be displayed or hung on the wall. Or even placed side by side with other matching furniture, to make it look 'nice'. 

Sound Frame Technology

Behind the simple appearance, Sound Frame has a sophisticated mid-range speaker size 4 inch Inverted Dual Concentric technology (IDC). And reinforced with 6.5-inch bass driver, in order to improve voice output so that more detailed and natural. 

Sound Frame has been produced by two types, namely in-wall type that can be mounted to the wall of the room and on-wall type, which can be displayed like a painting. To look at the frame / frame it has provided some of the ornaments and photography, which can be tailored to your decor.

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