Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Invention : Reminders Memory Gene

Development in technology both in the form of insight and knowledge are transformed in the form of the best gadgets will continue to adorn our lives. One thing that quite interesting is in the study that will be undertaken by experts from MIT, the experts are currently working on research related to brain and memory. They are looking for specific parts of the brain that stores memory associated with events experienced by humans or animals.

The researchers discovered a gene that lights up when a memory is stored in the brain. As revealed by one of the researchers, Ramamoorthi, this could just be a beginning of what is called a "chemical trail" that shows specific parts of the brain that stores memory. This new discovery is a new thing in the understanding of the brain. And expected to be used as material for further research to modify or even to create a memory.

Researchers from MIT found the fact that in working to save memory, the memory of our brain will transform it into a password by changing the connections between neurons. In doing so it is actually many genes are lit. But there is one gene that later proved to be most important, which was then a major gene, named Npas4. The gene is active in the hippocampus, a brain structure which is also known to work to establish long-term memory.

In an experiment that has been conducted on rats by giving smooth electric shocks when the animal enters a room, what happens in a few minutes later is the mice were studied for fear of entering a room that has been provided earlier. At that moment known gene called Npas4 was reacting strongly enough. And when the researchers "turn off" the gene, the mice had proved unable to remember the condition of fear.

The researchers also plan to identify whether the neurons are active when the memory is formed is also active during memory reoccur. This course will assist the researchers in charge of ensuring the neurons which store the memory.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Biography of Steve Jobs Hits the Top of Amazon’s Bestselling Book 2011

Although Amazon does not clearly explain about how the actual sales figures about Biography of Steve Jobs book, but at the Senior Editor at that Company, Chris Schluep explains the sales of this Biography Book are phenomenal either in digital or hard cover format.
This Biography Book written by Walter Isaacson is authorized by Steve Jobs himself. In this book also contains excerpts of an interview between Isaacson and co founder of Apple Inc. about several range topics from televisions, smartphones and google.

This biography book beat Tina Fey's book entitled Bossypants and A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tips : Share Your Blogs with Your Google+ Followers

It is very interesting indeed look at google technology developments in particular in the presence of a new application that supports our activities on the internet. This tips for those of you who have blogs on Blogger, now you can connect it to your Google+ account. You can share about the last conten that you publish in your blog, so that your followers will be easier to follow the news / activity that you do in your blog.
To run it was fairly easy, you just need to use your Google+ public profile to identify your blog, even this step can easily do through Google blogger website. Then you can choose which blog will be share through Google+, and also very easy to disable, so that if at any time you do not want to use the service again, you can just disable it.

You are interested in using this tips? It felt really need to try, then you decide whether this step is advantageous and beneficial to you or not? Simple right?

Have a nice blogging experience!!!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cool Jeans for Cool Gadget Lover

Do you really like using a pair of jeans? For you are a gadget lovers, wearing a jeans means a little trouble in storing your gadgets in the back pocket isn't it? And you might not think to store in with a bag tied to your belt, because this model is already very outdated.

Well .... Now there is good news for you, or this may be inspiring you to make and create your own model you like, or maybe your fashion business, you can quickly replicate this concept and immediately launches a better product.

Gadget Lovers Stuff

This news taken from coolgadgets, and shows that the custom made jeans is designed by a pocket that big enough to hold your iPhone or iPod. But do not worry because this pocket has been fitted with a soft cushion to withstand the gadgets that we carry from the pressures that might have happened.

Of existing designs, these jeans also provide secret pockets to keep your USB stick. Then What is the price these jeans? Hmm .. jeans are “only” priced at € 109.

What do you think guys?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cloud FTP: Changing Your USB Storage Device Into a Wireless File Server

Today we meet some of digital storage media,  such as USB Hard Drives, Flash Drives, Card Readers, Digital Camera, etc, it is not possible we can use directly on devices like the iPad, iPhone or Cloud without any hassle and must be connected to a computer.
Cloud FTP planned to attend in order to overcome these problems, so it will be easier for the users of modern gadgets make use of any type of USB storage devices that they have. Because Cloud FTP, can change the USB storage device (any kind) into a wireless file server, and make sharing files with the iPhone, iPad, computer, etc. This tool can also connect to the Internet to perform backup and synchronize any data you have in a USB device with the online cloud storage services such as iCloud, Dropbox,

CloudFTP Works

Cloud FTP has a USB port same with computer, and connect the USB mass storage drives like USB drives, flash drives, card readers, digital cameras, etc.

Features Available on Cloud FTP:
  • Make Connection with any USB storage
  • Have a rechargeable 2600mAh li-on battery and could stand for 5 hour
  • Lower power consumption with ARM Cortex A8 microprocessor. And surely high performance.
  • Shared via secure wireless IEEE 802 11b/g/n WiFi network
  • Can share and stream media for up to 3 WiFi device which creates own ad-hoc (peer to peer) wireless network.
  • Can Join to existing WiFi Network to share files with other devices on same network.
  • Processor, Texas instrument Cortex A 8 650 MHz
  • LCD Mono 132 x 32 pixel
  • Battery 2600mAh Rechargeable li-Ion
  • Battery Life up to 5 hours
  • USB Port, High Speed 480 Mbps, Powered 5V/1A USB host
  • Software, HTML 5 web browser based, iOS and Android App
  • Supported File system, FAT 32, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, exFAT, EXT 2/3/4
  • Wireless, supports WiFi 802.11b/g/n :ad-hoc and “infrastructure” mode
  • Dimensions, 75 x 58 x 22 mm
  • Weight, 3.8 oz/109 g  

Monday, December 5, 2011

RIM Has Prepared Several Variants Blackberry Brand for 2012

A company certainly does not want his secret revealed. It may be that this will cause a lot of speculation from some quarters that may cause harm. But a business does smell like it. Just how this is addressed by the company concerned. Instead that information is circulated prior to the time it could be is an attempt to do branding early with a variety of purposes that exist.

Whatever be the background of the circulation of this information, for us remains as a viable information to be observed. And this will add to the splendor of the gadget world is incredible.

Blackberry Smartphone

Back to talk about some of the brands that might be launched by RIM in 2012 that reportedly will carry BBX operating system, some are the BlackBerry London / Surfboard and BlackBerry Milan which is a variant of the Blackberry London according to the news that there will be launched around March 2012.

There is also a rumored BlackBerry Nevada as BBX with a QWERTY keyboard mobile phone will be launched in November, while there are also BlackBerry Lisbon which will come with a slider form factor, but it is not known exactly when it will be launched. Then there are the BlackBerry Blackforest which according to the news is as BBX based tablet with a 10 inch screen.

However, the unfolding of some brands of RIM's future output is not accompanied by news about the detailed specifications and features.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Do We Really Have No Need of Paper Again?

This will start to become the first in the Court of England and Wales, that began in April next year, in the trial will no longer found any paper, whether in reading, writing, etc.. In the Office of the employees will start siding with the use of the HP TouchPad. This is done to make savings in the long run.

Gadget Technology

Attorney and his colleagues, judges and colleagues, as well as all the people involved in a trial will obtain and use a tablet to run the trial process. So in their Tablets will contain several documents, recordings, even the evidence required in the trial. And the police had welcomed it, because they can send you proof it electronically and recognized its validity.

Hopefully it goes smooth and rewarding!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Transformer Prime ... It can be ordered now!!

Asus seems to have really ready to release the Eee Pad Transformer Prime. The customers are able to do pre orders on these gadgets, Asus Transformer prime planned to be in the first release on December 12, 2011 in the United States.

We all are also looking forward to these products for sure, because the Tranformer Prime comes with several advantages including the newest quad core processor chip Tegra 3, as well as a beautiful and elegant design wrapped in aluminum material.

Asus Transformer Prime

Asus did not appear to half measures in order to complement this EeePad. Beside the newest Tegra 3 processor and elegant design, EeePad is equipped with 10.1-inch screen, 8 MP camera, secondary camera 1.2 MP, microHDMI-out port, and MicroSD card slot.

EeePad comes with two choices of models based on its capacity, of course, valued at different prices, reportedly for 32 GB model Asus gives the price of $ 499.99 and for the 64 GB valued $ 599.99

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