Monday, October 24, 2011

Users Complaining About The iPhone 4S

More recently, Apple Inc. officially launched their latest product is the iPhone 4S. and until this month, they post the sales is to reach 3 million units. The sales figures are very high of course. but to some extent, the iPhone 4S was much complained of by its users. complaints, among others:

This is also true that many people often complain about the users' iPhone 4S ", they say that the iPhone 4S proved to have a rapid battery depleted when compared with the previous variant of the iPhone 4, especially if used to connect
with Wi-Fi or 3G consistently, make phone calls, and if used to play videos or music.

Apple Smartphone
Data Access Is Very Slow
Well as through AT & T and Verizone, Apple Inc. offers services over cellular networks Sprint for unlimited data access. Sprint is known as the second largest company in the United States that operates a wireless broadband network. Apparently the service from Sprint is much complained of by the users because it feels very slow in doing data access. Responding to this Sprint spokesman Scott Sloat said that Sprint is currently doing a serious analysis of the relevant reports of users who complain about how slow the speed of data access is granted.

Siri Only Functioning in the United States.
We know that the iPhone has a global market share, therefore it is in fact the Apple is also intended to provide new services to be used globally. Including one that superior service is the iPhone 4S Siri, this service allows the user to give commands on the iPhone to perform various activities such as sending a message, asking weather, look for the path information, and so forth. But it turns out that Siri program can not always capture the words spoken by the user prior to the people who have a relatively heavy accent. Of course this is a constraint by people from other countries who definitely has its own accent in pronouncing the words in the English language. Quite a hassle.

Frequently Troubled Camera
Actually camera embedded in the iPhone 4S is quite attractive to the devotees, because the iPhone 4 S equipped with 8 megapixel camera, but there are many reports, even on the official site of Apple too much to complain about the problems of shutter speed. Some claim that the cameras are often stuck with the shutter still closed, there are even some who said that the camera could not be used, so they need to restart the iPhone 4S they use.

Spots On Screen
The iPhone has also previously had the same problem, yellowish spots found on their iPhone screen, as well as the iPhone 4S, apparently this problem has not been able to be resolved. Party Apple engineers stated that these spots are the remnants during the manufacturing process, and will disappear in a few days. But still, who wants the latest gadget they are in trouble, but since there are spots on the iPhone screen, still, it is very annoying at all.

Those are some of the issues most frequently complained of by the user, hopefully useful to you. Thank You!!!

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