Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trick To Get The Best Feng Shui On Car

What is Feng Shui ?
Feng Shui is a science that was developed almost over 3000 years ago in China. Feng Shui is learning about the harmonization of the room (a place) with the wind. And harmonization will produce energy, and the energy is believed to affect the lives of people who are in it.

Typically, Fengshui is applied to a home or building, but in fact the science of feng shui can be applied to our car. How does this work?

One thing that is quite unique is the application of feng shui in this car is coming from an American's largest automotive companies, namely Ford.

Ford told his customers how to practice feng shui. Feng shui tips for cars based on a automobile body part, such as:

Engines, it is believed that this engine represents a car owner career. Front seat of the car described the health of their owners. Right rear-view, illustrating that you are the person who likes to help. The left rear-view, illustrating that you really like to find useful knowledge. The right side rear of the vehicle, describe your creativity. The left side rear of the vehicle, describe your relationship with your family.

feng shui on car

Well, to add to your fortune with your favorite vehicle. The following are some Feng Shui tips you can do :
  • Reduce clutter in your car cabin. This will provide more space and comfort in driving. And the positive chi energy will flow.
  • You might be able to start giving nicknames for your favorite car. It is believed to provide a better relationship with your vehicle.
  • In feng shui, the color is very important. Choose the right color for your vehicle, because it could provide a balance within yourself. For example, if you belong to the temperament of the street, choose the "water element" like the black color so you will be more calm. Retirees can choose elements from the wood or fire like a red or green to make the atmosphere more lively.
  • Adding accessories is also good. But choose accessories that will not interfere with driving activities.
  • Using the symbol is also important in feng shui. For example, such as a medal or picture as a reminder to drive safely, or to reduce stress.

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