Monday, March 19, 2012

Upgrade or Buy A New Notebook


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Upgrade or buy now? the question that often arises in our minds, right? How not, almost every year would appear a new range of notebook products that always gives the advantages, the average of increase in performance in every new platform is about 20-30%.

For instance, Intel Core i Arrandale was only retained one year alone and than come up Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge and then up again and so forth. This of course will make your notebook left behind by the appearance of products with the new platform.

Usually, after using your notebook for 2 years, you would think of buying a new notebook unit on the grounds that your point is to get a better performance. But apparently there is a discourse that you can consider before buying a new notebook unit. By performing the upgrade on a notebook that you had before.
And apparently with an average budget of more or less similar to the budget that will be used to buy a new notebook, you can upgrade for your notebook and get a much better performance.

Here we can see the test results of the upgrade steps that we can do.

Used to test is FX400 notebook MSI type, processor intel core i5 450 M, the memory using SODIMM DDR3 2GB, 500GB SATA hard disk and graphics card 1GB NVIDIA GeForce 325M.
and will be upgraded using 520 Intel SATA SSD storage with a capacity of 240GB using SandForce 2 chipset.

Both will do the same test, to be compared to its performance. And why only on the storage will be undertaken to upgrade? Because the addition of memory was not so influential on performance improvement.

OK, the following tests performed:

Using Sysmark 2007


Of tests conducted, we can see that an increase in performance up to 30% overall (preview rating). With the higher points generated, then describes the performance better.

Startup Windows 7 Test

startup window 7

Tests done manually, using a timer which starts from ignition until the opening of the display windows 7.
And it turns out the upgrade will provide significant impact windowsnya startup speed (up to 50% more)

Adobe PhotoShop CS5 Test

photoshop test

We know that the application of the most popular image editing is a Photoshop CS5, in testing this time using a tool called Phtoshop Speed ​​Test.
This application focuses on the performance of the processor and memory. The test results are shown in units of time.
And the results appear to use the SSD performance is much faster than using the hard disk.

Loading Game Testing

Loading a game turns out to be very fast to nearly 100% increase.

Replacement or upgrade the hard disk with SSD will significantly improve the performance of a notebook.

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