Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Invention : Reminders Memory Gene

Development in technology both in the form of insight and knowledge are transformed in the form of the best gadgets will continue to adorn our lives. One thing that quite interesting is in the study that will be undertaken by experts from MIT, the experts are currently working on research related to brain and memory. They are looking for specific parts of the brain that stores memory associated with events experienced by humans or animals.

The researchers discovered a gene that lights up when a memory is stored in the brain. As revealed by one of the researchers, Ramamoorthi, this could just be a beginning of what is called a "chemical trail" that shows specific parts of the brain that stores memory. This new discovery is a new thing in the understanding of the brain. And expected to be used as material for further research to modify or even to create a memory.

Researchers from MIT found the fact that in working to save memory, the memory of our brain will transform it into a password by changing the connections between neurons. In doing so it is actually many genes are lit. But there is one gene that later proved to be most important, which was then a major gene, named Npas4. The gene is active in the hippocampus, a brain structure which is also known to work to establish long-term memory.

In an experiment that has been conducted on rats by giving smooth electric shocks when the animal enters a room, what happens in a few minutes later is the mice were studied for fear of entering a room that has been provided earlier. At that moment known gene called Npas4 was reacting strongly enough. And when the researchers "turn off" the gene, the mice had proved unable to remember the condition of fear.

The researchers also plan to identify whether the neurons are active when the memory is formed is also active during memory reoccur. This course will assist the researchers in charge of ensuring the neurons which store the memory.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Biography of Steve Jobs Hits the Top of Amazon’s Bestselling Book 2011

Although Amazon does not clearly explain about how the actual sales figures about Biography of Steve Jobs book, but at the Senior Editor at that Company, Chris Schluep explains the sales of this Biography Book are phenomenal either in digital or hard cover format.
This Biography Book written by Walter Isaacson is authorized by Steve Jobs himself. In this book also contains excerpts of an interview between Isaacson and co founder of Apple Inc. about several range topics from televisions, smartphones and google.

This biography book beat Tina Fey's book entitled Bossypants and A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tips : Share Your Blogs with Your Google+ Followers

It is very interesting indeed look at google technology developments in particular in the presence of a new application that supports our activities on the internet. This tips for those of you who have blogs on Blogger, now you can connect it to your Google+ account. You can share about the last conten that you publish in your blog, so that your followers will be easier to follow the news / activity that you do in your blog.
To run it was fairly easy, you just need to use your Google+ public profile to identify your blog, even this step can easily do through Google blogger website. Then you can choose which blog will be share through Google+, and also very easy to disable, so that if at any time you do not want to use the service again, you can just disable it.

You are interested in using this tips? It felt really need to try, then you decide whether this step is advantageous and beneficial to you or not? Simple right?

Have a nice blogging experience!!!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cool Jeans for Cool Gadget Lover

Do you really like using a pair of jeans? For you are a gadget lovers, wearing a jeans means a little trouble in storing your gadgets in the back pocket isn't it? And you might not think to store in with a bag tied to your belt, because this model is already very outdated.

Well .... Now there is good news for you, or this may be inspiring you to make and create your own model you like, or maybe your fashion business, you can quickly replicate this concept and immediately launches a better product.

Gadget Lovers Stuff

This news taken from coolgadgets, and shows that the custom made jeans is designed by a pocket that big enough to hold your iPhone or iPod. But do not worry because this pocket has been fitted with a soft cushion to withstand the gadgets that we carry from the pressures that might have happened.

Of existing designs, these jeans also provide secret pockets to keep your USB stick. Then What is the price these jeans? Hmm .. jeans are “only” priced at € 109.

What do you think guys?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cloud FTP: Changing Your USB Storage Device Into a Wireless File Server

Today we meet some of digital storage media,  such as USB Hard Drives, Flash Drives, Card Readers, Digital Camera, etc, it is not possible we can use directly on devices like the iPad, iPhone or Cloud without any hassle and must be connected to a computer.
Cloud FTP planned to attend in order to overcome these problems, so it will be easier for the users of modern gadgets make use of any type of USB storage devices that they have. Because Cloud FTP, can change the USB storage device (any kind) into a wireless file server, and make sharing files with the iPhone, iPad, computer, etc. This tool can also connect to the Internet to perform backup and synchronize any data you have in a USB device with the online cloud storage services such as iCloud, Dropbox,

CloudFTP Works

Cloud FTP has a USB port same with computer, and connect the USB mass storage drives like USB drives, flash drives, card readers, digital cameras, etc.

Features Available on Cloud FTP:
  • Make Connection with any USB storage
  • Have a rechargeable 2600mAh li-on battery and could stand for 5 hour
  • Lower power consumption with ARM Cortex A8 microprocessor. And surely high performance.
  • Shared via secure wireless IEEE 802 11b/g/n WiFi network
  • Can share and stream media for up to 3 WiFi device which creates own ad-hoc (peer to peer) wireless network.
  • Can Join to existing WiFi Network to share files with other devices on same network.
  • Processor, Texas instrument Cortex A 8 650 MHz
  • LCD Mono 132 x 32 pixel
  • Battery 2600mAh Rechargeable li-Ion
  • Battery Life up to 5 hours
  • USB Port, High Speed 480 Mbps, Powered 5V/1A USB host
  • Software, HTML 5 web browser based, iOS and Android App
  • Supported File system, FAT 32, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, exFAT, EXT 2/3/4
  • Wireless, supports WiFi 802.11b/g/n :ad-hoc and “infrastructure” mode
  • Dimensions, 75 x 58 x 22 mm
  • Weight, 3.8 oz/109 g  

Monday, December 5, 2011

RIM Has Prepared Several Variants Blackberry Brand for 2012

A company certainly does not want his secret revealed. It may be that this will cause a lot of speculation from some quarters that may cause harm. But a business does smell like it. Just how this is addressed by the company concerned. Instead that information is circulated prior to the time it could be is an attempt to do branding early with a variety of purposes that exist.

Whatever be the background of the circulation of this information, for us remains as a viable information to be observed. And this will add to the splendor of the gadget world is incredible.

Blackberry Smartphone

Back to talk about some of the brands that might be launched by RIM in 2012 that reportedly will carry BBX operating system, some are the BlackBerry London / Surfboard and BlackBerry Milan which is a variant of the Blackberry London according to the news that there will be launched around March 2012.

There is also a rumored BlackBerry Nevada as BBX with a QWERTY keyboard mobile phone will be launched in November, while there are also BlackBerry Lisbon which will come with a slider form factor, but it is not known exactly when it will be launched. Then there are the BlackBerry Blackforest which according to the news is as BBX based tablet with a 10 inch screen.

However, the unfolding of some brands of RIM's future output is not accompanied by news about the detailed specifications and features.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Do We Really Have No Need of Paper Again?

This will start to become the first in the Court of England and Wales, that began in April next year, in the trial will no longer found any paper, whether in reading, writing, etc.. In the Office of the employees will start siding with the use of the HP TouchPad. This is done to make savings in the long run.

Gadget Technology

Attorney and his colleagues, judges and colleagues, as well as all the people involved in a trial will obtain and use a tablet to run the trial process. So in their Tablets will contain several documents, recordings, even the evidence required in the trial. And the police had welcomed it, because they can send you proof it electronically and recognized its validity.

Hopefully it goes smooth and rewarding!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Transformer Prime ... It can be ordered now!!

Asus seems to have really ready to release the Eee Pad Transformer Prime. The customers are able to do pre orders on these gadgets, Asus Transformer prime planned to be in the first release on December 12, 2011 in the United States.

We all are also looking forward to these products for sure, because the Tranformer Prime comes with several advantages including the newest quad core processor chip Tegra 3, as well as a beautiful and elegant design wrapped in aluminum material.

Asus Transformer Prime

Asus did not appear to half measures in order to complement this EeePad. Beside the newest Tegra 3 processor and elegant design, EeePad is equipped with 10.1-inch screen, 8 MP camera, secondary camera 1.2 MP, microHDMI-out port, and MicroSD card slot.

EeePad comes with two choices of models based on its capacity, of course, valued at different prices, reportedly for 32 GB model Asus gives the price of $ 499.99 and for the 64 GB valued $ 599.99

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Smartphone / Tablet Android Runs Slowly ... Upgrade Your Micro SD!

If you feel that Android smartphone or tablet that you have to work not as fast as you would expect, certainly this will hamper your activities in using these devices isn’t it? The answer is upgrade of the original Micro SD is in the package you purchased the smartphone. Does this provide a significant improvement ... please check the following report:

This test is performed by jagatreview using Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. The performance testing using An Tu Tu Benchmark software Application. Test tools to be compared is the Micro SD Standard performance of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and Kingston MicroSDHC Class 10.

Test No. 1
Reading Speed
An Tu Tu Application
Test results show after doing the replacement MicroSD with class 10 reading speed has increased, although not too far adrift.

Test No. 2
Writing Speed
 AnTuTu Application
The test results show a much better performance if you use MicroSDHC MicroSD class 10 compared with the Standard.

Test No. 3
Perform Data Copy Speed Process
antutu application
Results of testing the copy process is using a USB connection into the MicroSDHC Class 10 also showed a better performance.

In general the results of this test is known that by doing the replacement / upgrade from the standard Micro SD Micro to SDHC class 10 smartphone can work much better. And in the process of any video recording 720 pixel size is known nothing is faltering.

If you are user of the smartphone, upgrade to the external memory with MicroSDHC Class 10 is the recommended thing. And keep in mind that the upgrade of MicroSD will not affect the App speeds that exist in the internal memory, and capacity of the size of a Micro SD had no effect on the speed at all, but that influence come from the level of Micro SD class.

Hopefully useful!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Android ... Being the Biggest, In This Year.

We know that Android some time ago, has become the leader of the smartphone market in the United States, and what happens now? It seems that the influence of market share in the American domination has brought a significant impact in a bid to become leader of the Android smartphone market share globally. And it worked quite well.

According to a recent report from Gartner, noted that half of the global smartphone sales in the third quarter of this year has been dominated by Android. In the calculations a total of 60.5 million units sold smartphone around the world using the Android as its operating system. A percentage of market control can be described that Android managed to gain some market share of 52.2% and this means there is a significant increase from last year in the same quarter of 25.3%.

Android Operating System
From the data reported by Gartner is right the second is Nokia with the Symbian operating system that managed to sell 19.5 million units worldwide smartphone or controls 16.9% market share there. And this means a decline in sales.

Meanwhile, as reported by Gartner Apple only managed to sell 17.3 million units of iPhone in the same quarter this year.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The New “Blackberry Kingdom” Come Out From Far East Country…Called Indonesia!!!

It could be said RIM Blackberry smartphone manufacturer brand is currently undergoing a phase where there is a very significant decline in demand for their products in global markets, plus a few more serious problems that face it was on such as issues relating to the efforts of lawsuits over its failure to maintain a quality network that had death in Europe, further adds to the weight load on the sale of its products. Very well possible that the decline in sales figures is due to a lack of support for applications and features in its products.

So how RIM is able to survive until now? The answer is because in some countries, RIM actually be able to demonstrate the performance of the sales are fantastic, RIM is still able to breathe easily, because there are few countries that actually contributed to the sales of the Blackberry with a very significant sales figures. Where is it? One of them is Indonesia a country from far east.

Blackberry Smartphone
When the market share in the U.S. starting displaced by the popularity of the iPhone and Android up, leaving only 13% only, even in Indonesia with a product called Blackberry RIM able to seize 46% of existing market share, outpacing other smartphones. So it is not denied that the contribution of sales in Indonesia together with South Africa was able to make RIM still survive in the global onslaught of competitors in the world.

With the condition is indeed feasible if Indonesia dubbed by The Blackberry Kingdom. And any new variant that many are released debut in Indonesia.

The First Android Honeycomb With 7 Inch Screen From Huawei MediaPad

Huawei launches MediaPad which is a device based on Android 3.2 Honeycomb with 7 inch IPS LCD touch screen. This screen has the highest resolution of 1280 x 800 pixel WXGA and 1080p HD video support.

Not wanting to be outdone by its competitors, MediaPad uses 1.2 GHz dualcore processor Qualcomm output. combined with Google Android Market, Huawei provides Hi Space Cloud facility that supports the storage of data on the scope of the cloud for its customers. With these facilities Huawei has set up a data storage of 160 GB for the user of Hi Space Cloud, this is of course as an advantage of this MediaPad compared with its competitors.

Huawei SmartPhone Gadget
Meanwhile, to support browsing activities, MediaPad Huawei has been equipped with HSDPA connection + which has a speed of 14.4 Mbps. This allows users in the move, especially in accessing the Internet as an update of the site / web and stay connected with social networking sites simultaneously. This product is also equipped with a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus capability, and there is a front camera to support video calling 1.3 megapixel size.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pinky for Samsung Galaxy S II…Come Out!

It seems that women's share of the market segment began ogled by the Samsung, recently released their latest variant of the Samsung galaxy S II, after they were issued with black and white, now pink is the color they choose.

If you see how it looks does look very fresh and cheerful, with capabilities that are no different from the previous variant of the Super AMOLED screen plus with dimension 4.3 inch, dual-core proedor Exynos 1.2 GHz, 8 megapixel camera, and 2 megapixel camera as a secondary camera, plus using the Android operating system 2.3 or which is often called Gingerbread.

samsung smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S II was first released in Korea, but unfortunately whether it will be produced for a global market share, while there has been no official news about it. So we wait for it ...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nokia Drive no longer exclusive to the Nokia Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 800, is the first generation of smartphones with Windows Phone 7 platform, this smartphone comes with a series of features that are very exclusive, which of course distinguishes with smartphones that have the same platforms from other manufacturers.

One of the distinguishing features are, at the Nokia Lumia 800 existing applications Nokia Drive, a software-based voice navigation.

Unfortunately, Nokia Drive planned as an exclusive feature in Nokia Lumia 800, now threatened to be enjoyed by users of Windows Phone platform smartphones from other vendors. Because, as reported by pocketnow, that this tool has been cracked and hacked into the phone other than the Windows Phone made by Nokia.

Inevitably, these events invite speculation that Windows Phone else will experience a new problem, namely piracy.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dual View Game 3D TV, TV for PS3 by Sony Corp.

Scheduled this November, Sony Corp. will launch a TV with 3D technology, devoted to owners of Sony PlayStation 3. So what are the benefits of 3D technology this TV?

With the appearance of a simple design and dimensions of 24 inches, PlayStation TV is quite comfortable in playing games with. And most importantly you just spent $ 500 to get this TV.

What is Dual View 3D games? with this technology, so while playing the game this TV can display two different display, the picture like this, usually if you play games especially car racing game screen will be divided into two parts, top and bottom. But with this technology, PlayStation TV screen will not be divided into two parts, because your partner will get a different view with you. Surely it will make you more comfortable in playing the game.

Sony Technology
To get the look you like the above, then you have to wear 3D glasses, either when playing or just watching. And you do not need to worry because the 3D glasses included in the packageof your purchase.

Not just for gaming, but this TV can also be used to see a 3D movie that plays through your PS3 device. In the package you'll get TV, HDMI cable, Resistance 3 and 1 set of 3D glasses.

Here is the specs of the Sony PlayStation 3D TV:
TFT LED backlight display, the dimensions of 24.0 inches, the rate of 240 Hz, HDMI.

Happy gaming!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Survey Declare: HTC Being No. 1 in America and Samsung Get Number 1 In The Global Market

Time is running very fast, especially in the business world more specifically the smartphone market, according to a survey conducted by Canalys in quarter 3 2011, HTC is a Taiwanese manufacturer is said to have become a leader in the U.S. smartphone market, it's based on the number of shipments of products.

HTC managed to distribute the product mentioned about 5.7 million devices with their own brand, still added products with brand T-Mobile managed to distribute some 70,000 units. And succession to the position of the second and three for market share in smartphones in the United States won by Samsung and Apple are each able to record the distribution of goods some 4.9 million units and 4.6 million units. This figure looks very tight and very likely will be again shifted course.

HTC Smartphone
Meanwhile, Samsung through the innovations of products they have sped Smartphone ranked first in the world based on the product distribution data. Smartphone Samsung recorded output has mastered Asia-Pacific markets, Western Europe and Latin America. Samsung is able to distribute their smartphone units 27.3 units a number of devices into the market area, where it is described that Samsung is able to gain market share by 23%, ahead of Nokia, Apple and RIM.

But Apple would not stay silent, through the iPhone 4S products this vendor seems to be more incentive to increase sales figures around the quartal 4 in 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Samsung Will Produce Gadget of Mobilephone with Flexible Screen

It seems that the competition among smartphone vendors are not going to never stop, always present with amazing innovations, for those of you who are fans of this gadget would further spoiled by the presence of new gadgets with high-tech touch.

With the launch of the Nokia smartphones based on Windows Phone 7, at the end of October last. Nokia a mobile phone company based in Finland also announced it would bring the phone with a flexible display technology. Likewise, the Samsung, which we know as the mobile device market share leader announced similar plans, which will be realized in 2012.

Samsung Smartphone
Keep in mind, Samsung plans to launch this product was born after Samsung made acquisitions entirely to Liquvista, in January 2011 ago. As you know that Liquivista is a company that created the electrowetting display technology. This technology is capable of producing an electronic product with the view that much more light, transparent, efficient and definitely flexible. In March 2011, Yongsuk Choi, Director of Samsung Mobile Display states that future mobile devices owned by Samsung will be coming soon.

This year may indeed be the year of Samsung, how not? Samsung from Korea was able to sell 27.8 million units of smartphones prominence, while Apple is only able to sell about 17.1 million units.

And it turns out Samsung's sales figures are not only coming from the device based on Android, but also contributed by the output device platform Samsung Bada, where with this platform presents a range of smartphone Samsung premises cheaply.

So if the flexible display technology that will be launched Samsung is able to show a high contribution in the future? We'll wait ....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Logitech Speaker Bar : Unique Design Extra Sound

As one of the most popular tablet pc, laptop / notebook into a gadget the most sought after, as part of modern lifestyle, this gadget comes with various types and models. But of the many outstanding products that have very little innate good quality speakers, the rest comes with a very standard speakers or even speakers only used as a supplement only.
For those who have a laptop / notebook with a standard of quality speakers, indirectly you are particularly a problem with your laptop speakers. Because the speakers are not good quality then certainly your pleasure in listening to a voice must be very disturbed, especially when used to play your favorite music or video

Logitech For Gadget
Logitech, catch the opportunity. And we know that Logitech is a world famous speaker manufacturer, they finally issued a product innovation that is the laptop speaker bar. And problems inherent quality of the speakers are not good, finally answered.

These speakers are designed premises very good sound quality, and has a minimalist design, so practical in its use, plus size is not too large, so the speakers are easy to carry anywhere. And, a gadget that is perfect if you are someone who is very busy with a laptop / notebook.

How to use it is very easy, because you only need to connect it with a USB cable, then the speaker will be ready to pamper your ears to enjoy music / video. The price is quite cheap, about $ 60. Are you interested?

  • Room-filling, 360 degree sound from your laptop
  • Plug and play: pop in the USB cable and you're good to go
  • Simple, clip-on design holds Speaker Bar securely
  • Fits most laptops and netbooks
  • USB cable tucks neatly into the back of the speaker
  • Includes a travel case so you can bring it wherever you go
  • Compatible with Mac or PC, USB port required

Monday, October 24, 2011

Users Complaining About The iPhone 4S

More recently, Apple Inc. officially launched their latest product is the iPhone 4S. and until this month, they post the sales is to reach 3 million units. The sales figures are very high of course. but to some extent, the iPhone 4S was much complained of by its users. complaints, among others:

This is also true that many people often complain about the users' iPhone 4S ", they say that the iPhone 4S proved to have a rapid battery depleted when compared with the previous variant of the iPhone 4, especially if used to connect
with Wi-Fi or 3G consistently, make phone calls, and if used to play videos or music.

Apple Smartphone
Data Access Is Very Slow
Well as through AT & T and Verizone, Apple Inc. offers services over cellular networks Sprint for unlimited data access. Sprint is known as the second largest company in the United States that operates a wireless broadband network. Apparently the service from Sprint is much complained of by the users because it feels very slow in doing data access. Responding to this Sprint spokesman Scott Sloat said that Sprint is currently doing a serious analysis of the relevant reports of users who complain about how slow the speed of data access is granted.

Siri Only Functioning in the United States.
We know that the iPhone has a global market share, therefore it is in fact the Apple is also intended to provide new services to be used globally. Including one that superior service is the iPhone 4S Siri, this service allows the user to give commands on the iPhone to perform various activities such as sending a message, asking weather, look for the path information, and so forth. But it turns out that Siri program can not always capture the words spoken by the user prior to the people who have a relatively heavy accent. Of course this is a constraint by people from other countries who definitely has its own accent in pronouncing the words in the English language. Quite a hassle.

Frequently Troubled Camera
Actually camera embedded in the iPhone 4S is quite attractive to the devotees, because the iPhone 4 S equipped with 8 megapixel camera, but there are many reports, even on the official site of Apple too much to complain about the problems of shutter speed. Some claim that the cameras are often stuck with the shutter still closed, there are even some who said that the camera could not be used, so they need to restart the iPhone 4S they use.

Spots On Screen
The iPhone has also previously had the same problem, yellowish spots found on their iPhone screen, as well as the iPhone 4S, apparently this problem has not been able to be resolved. Party Apple engineers stated that these spots are the remnants during the manufacturing process, and will disappear in a few days. But still, who wants the latest gadget they are in trouble, but since there are spots on the iPhone screen, still, it is very annoying at all.

Those are some of the issues most frequently complained of by the user, hopefully useful to you. Thank You!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Acer Released a Product Called Liquid Mini Ferrari Edition

Followed on the variant Ferrari laptop some time ago, now Acer will officially release the Android Smartphone which Acer use "Ferrari" again as a branding option, at this september.

Where previously been introduced to premiere at IFA event and introduced as "Acer Ferrari Liquid Mini"

As reported by many sources, this gadget will come with 3.2-inch touch screen, equipped with a 600MHz processor with a 512 Ram. Moderate to support the performance of these gadgets will carry the Android operating system v2.3 Gingerbread.

Acer Ferrari
That will surely be an attraction, especially for the avid fan of Ferrari, that this gadget does not just appear so Ferrari of its design, but the users of this smartphone will get a ringtone and a special reminder Ferrari, wallpapers, pictures and exclusive videos.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Top Operating System Is Android, Top Smartphone Manufacturer is Apple

Based on data released by Nielsen in June 2011, in America Android back again tops the operating system with a market share of 39%. IOS an operating system that was launched by Apple was ranked second with a market share of 28%, then RIM BlackBerry able to gain market share by 20%

As for Windows Mobile and Windows Phone numbers combined market share is 9%. Then the market share for webOS and Symbian, each able to gain market share by 2%

As we know, because Apple is the sole manufacturer offering smartphones with operating system IOS, then automatically this vendor is the most top in the United States.

But HTC is also worth to be taken into account, because the two vendors is able to capture market share smartphone in America. HTC is able to achieve 20% market share of smartphones in the U.S., with details of 14% for the Android smartphone and 6% for Windows Mobile / WP 7.

Smartphone and Operating System Map
While Samsung is only able to reach 8% of sales on the Android phones and 2% of Windows Mobile phones. Motorola did not miss it, Motorola is able to achieve a market share of 11%.

This is the overview map and Smartphone Operating System market in America. Since America is still a reference to this world, then the image map of the world's market share was I sure do not differ much.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Available in Blackberry App World : Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0

Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0 is available in Bleckberry App World, according to an announcement released by Research In Motion (RIM) the manufacturer of the Blackberry, not only for the Blackberry, the application is also available for Blackberry Playbook tablet.

This latest application is claimed will feature a sleek new look, and has completed several new features, including facebook chat

The features offered by this application include:

See Who ‘Likes’ us. The application lets the user can see the names of friends who press the "like" on the post by the user. The users of these applications can also be connected directly with the names of friends to be acquainted with look into their profile.

Control over their privacy and to update the status. With this application allows users to control who can view status updates made by users of this application. How to use it is quite simple, simply by clicking on the sign at the bottom right of this application so that users can choose who can view its status in facebook account.

Facebook events. This application allows users to see the events that pass in the facebook account, such as birthdays, etc., and can receive notification of new acquaintances. This application can also be used to see the events there in more detail such as time, place, guest lists and more. Users can even see the RSVP and write messages on the walls of the event.

Facebook Place. This application users may choose to tell where they are, what they were doing and with whom at that time.

Blackberry App World
Interesting isn’t it? Please for BlackBerry users to enjoy these applications. Get right away!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Video Call Between Two Different Platform, Android – iPhone

You'r Android users, you need not envy with the users of the iPhone and iPad applications because they have a facetime to make video calls, anyway there is a video call using 3G service isn’t it?

Well, now the fun has been present, an application for Android users to make video calls should Facetime on the iPhone and the iPad. The application is called Tango.

This application was developed by Tango developers and can be used free of charge. What is great of this application, this application allows Android users can make video calls between users of Android and can also make video calls between the phones that have the IOS platform, very nice course!

Ok, if you want to use the Android user and this application, you can immediately download it, here's how to download and how to install:

  • Download via Android market
Tango Download Process 1

  • Once Installed, enable this application
Tango Download Process 2

  • Fill out your Tango account with your number, and include your email address
Tango Download Process 3

Tango Download Process 5

  • Once you have an account, then you can immediately make video calls with your friends, of course you must enter your friend contact number into the phonebook first. Also you can get the phonebook from contact with the phone need to refresh.
Tango Download Process 6

  • You can perform two-way video communication, just a suggestion, it would be nice if your mobile phone and your associates are equipped with dual cameras.

  • You can do the on / off voice or video by pressing the appropriate soft button logo in the bottom left line for voice and on the right above for video. However, this feature can only be done when you make calls with fellow Android users only.
Tango Download Process 7

  • You can do this for free calls over an internet connection.
Tango App

Note :
Pros :
  • Tango can be used not only use the Wi-Fi
  • Multi Platform
  • free
Cons :
  • Sound quality. Through the same Wi-Fi channels, facetime are still better.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tiny USB Car Power Adapter

High mobility! That's what happened in today's world, Yups .... Each person is now getting busy with various activities will be undertaken outside the room. Especially if you are a businessman, busy taking care of business is the requirement for you. And you are also required to be able to act quickly in dealing with your business to manage.

If it's like that, we can be sure you need a device that is always in ‘on’ position. But is there a guarantee that your mobile device are always in a state "on", I am not sure!

Power Adapter
Often we experience when we are on the way to drive a car, cell phone should be "on" sudden death due to low battery. While we are not likely to pause and do a battery charging our cell phones, it would certainly seem very inefficient. If indeed this is so .... This device may be one solution for you, this device is called Tiny USB Car Power Adapter. From the name it was clear that this device's use as a means of enhancing the power of the battery (recharge) and used in the car.

The purpose of this gadget is intended for People who are very high mobility. How to use it is very easy, We only need to install the USB Car Power Adapter into the cigarette lighter in car, after That connect your mobile phone via a USB port available. That way the gadget directly recharging process by utilizing the electric car.

This device also has a small form and wrapped with a material made of plastic. Tiny USB Car Power Adapter has a 12V-24V input to 5V output.
This unique charger affordable priced at about $ 7.99..

Sunday, July 10, 2011

PC Diagnostic Dice

What is it? just check this out....

Do you often feel confused when your computer to crash / problem? Just because you're not a computer technician. It was frustrating when we are in need of computers for work, but it turns out our computer is in trouble.

But now, you do not need to feel confused again facing your computer is in trouble, even if you do not know what the right solution to fix it. Because there is now a gadget, known as PC Diagnostic Dice.

This gadget is claimed to be able to provide solutions for problems of your computer, this gadget is quite unique consists of 3 pieces of colorful dice, and on each side of dice listed text messages. A text message is what will give clues to the problems on your computer.

PC Diagnostic Dice
How to use it is very easy, you just need to throw the three dice, and then the dice are told the problem on your computer while providing a solution in just seconds.

This unique gadget is made of acrylic material, and the price is quite affordable at about $ 20. How? You feel the need to have it? Please try to buy and take the benefits.

It was nice to share with you all…..:)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

W150i Yendo, a Sony Ericsson’s Mobile Phone

This is a business competition, Sony Ericsson did not want to miss from the other vendors have released a phone with touch screen technology, so the W150i or known by Yendo finally released by Sony Ericsson. Yendo is the first phone from Sony Ericsson that adopted touch-screen media on non-OS mobile devices.

How good this phone? Check this first!!!

Now let's look at this gadget a bit more detail...

At first glance this phone like the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini, if no W logo on the front and we do not realize its longer we will surely be deceived. From the side view W150i (Yendo) This is the successor of the once legendary Walkman series some time ago. This phone is quite petite, plus the body is lightweight and compact and weighs only 81 grams. Materials for the front is made of sturdy plastic and solid, but for the back was not as strong up front.

W150i Yendo
A little inconvenient if we want to open over the battery, because the whole body section is not available slit to open it, so if we want to open it then we should certainly encourage the body of the phone and the screen surface be touched.

Yendo performed with a minimalist design. At the bottom there are a few prominent areas that serve as the back button, the top there is the on / off.

Unfortunately, the Yendo is less reflects a walkman phone that was the genre, because there is no music buttons at all as the easy navigation.

Progress is most felt is the touch screen with capacitive type, we certainly do not need the presence of the stylus, because this is a very sensitive screen with just a touch of a finger or other blunt object.

With a magnitude of only 2.6 inch screen, this phone is able to present a good visualization, plus more with the size 240 x 320 pixel color, the colors on the screen appear brighter.

Operation of the touch screen was quite easy, we just slide up the basic menu link will appear at each corner, and then we select the menu is meant by touch and hold on the icon of the selected menu, pretty easy. Yendo menu structure on the screen is split into 3 distinct commonly referred to as a panel applications.

For the camera, unfortunately Sony Ericsson Yendo present only 2 megapixel camera. On the plus again by trimming the number of features that made Sony Ericsson on this phone, such as auto focus, zoom, smile detection, face detection. This of course reduces the allure of this phone.

For general image quality in outdoor use is pretty good, whereas for use in indoor quality is not too good because the camera on this Yendois minus flash. For the video player quality is still not good, because it is less able to capture images that move well, besides that it is less able to adjust the media recorder with dii lighting around the object, so images often seem less clear

But the audio quality, this phone is capable of spoiling the wearer, a fusion of sound music singer with a voice sounded quite harmonious, so it is nice to be heard.

Internet & Connectivity
To activity internet connection / access data, with GPRS and EDGE class access, this phone can not gave the speed in browsing activity. Display the connection was pretty standard, means for navigation only has 4 icons (back, url address, favorites menu, and send a link) that is placed at the bottom of the screen, so we have to suppress it if wished.

Other Features
Not many new features in this Yendo, only the standard features such as Sony Ericsson's PlayNow and Track ID, and social media features such as facebook and twitter, but it is also available Orkut features. As for games, this phone has 2 default games, Night Club Fever and BB Revolution. While for other features like built-in features every phone like calendar, alarm, notes, recorder, stopwatch and calculator.

This phone is quite attractive because of the touch screen, and the strength of existing audio worthy to give a good appreciation.

Pros: The touch screen, cheap price, steady audio
Cons: A non OS, video player less than the maximum

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cause of Wasteful Batteries & The Solution

Battery. In its development is always accompanied with a higher specification phone. Such as camera, video player, music player, GPS, and so forth. All of which require more power from your battery. And many mobile users who feel that their gadget problems on batteries. But before you have the same conclusion, it would be better to note the features of your gadgets that often did you use every day.

Maybe some of the features that require a lot of power as I will write the following, often you use each day.
  1. GPS, GPS is a feature that most wasteful of power, because the GPS receiver using radio waves. especially if the use of maps requires Internet access via 3G or GPRS, which means the proper functioning of the two features at once.
  2. Browsing & Voice Communication, Browsing and voice communication are equally great power required. Because that's usually included in the specification of cell phone talk time information. This information is useful so that you can prepare at any time require communication that is urgent.
  3. Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, .wi-fi and bluetooth, they both require a large battery power when in use, therefore, do not forget to always turn it off if it is not used anymore
  4. Radio, Video/music player, radio and video player / music does not require a large power compared to when using the camera, but usually this feature is most often we use. Because the frequency of use is what causes the power in our batteries is reduced rapidly.

Tips to extend your battery life
  1. The simplest thing we can do is not too often done on the battery charging., Please note that the average battery life, charging time is 400!!! So the less we make the process of charging / discharging, the battery life will be longer.
  2. Shorten the charging process, The most effective way in the process of charging is while the phone is in turn off position. So the more we shorten the time of charging, the battery life will be longer.
  3. Do not be too often change simcard, Tahukah anda? Bahwa pada saat kita mengganti simcard kita dan ponsel kita nyalakan, saat tulah ponsel kita bekerja cukup berat seperti misalnya proses loading sistem ponsel itu sendiri serta melakukan upaya pencairan sinyal dari operator seluler, karena kdua proses inilah yang paling membutuhkan banyak daya dari baterei.
  4. Never Too often change simcard, Did you know? That when we replace our simcard and turn on our cell phones, cell phones while working sufficiently severe plagues such as the process of loading the phone system itself as well as make efforts disbursement signals from mobile operators, because the two processes is that most require a lot of power from the battery.
  5. Avoid usage of features that are not necessary, I thought it was pretty obvious right? so do not need to be discussed too long.
  6. Avoid collision and splashing water, One of the things that cause a battery short-lived due to shorted. And short circuit can be caused because the phone too often fall or from an impact or it could be because the phone is exposed to liquids. You should use a protector for your phone.
  7. Avoid your battery from totally empty of power.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Backup Your Data Online

So many different types of telecommunication gadgets are now present in the market, this is certainly very encouraging for us, isn’t it? But if we want to replace the old gadget with the new, then there will be one thing that we usually be little difficulty, what is it? Yeach ... we have to move some files that we store on our old gadget into our new gadget, if only the files that we have not too much of, it is not a matter of course. But what would happen if we keep too many files in our old gadget? Need extra time to move the files manually, of course! For those of you who changed the new gadget was the same platform with your old gadget ... this is not a problem, you can save and restore again on your new gadget with software that has been available.

These are tips you can use if you change the gadget with different platforms, namely by backing up your data online! Now it has been very easy to find online applications that we can use to backup our data online, you just look for the Free and provides multi-platform applications for your various gadget.

One of them is:

Developer: Dashwire
Platform: Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile/Windows Phone
Download: Register

Ok, then how to use it:

1. Run the application by selecting the run button

mIQLive 1

2. To be able to use this application you are required to register the registration was fairly easy, you can do so via the internet or your blackberry (mIQ applications on the BlackBerry), to do so select create Account.

mIQLive 2

3. Put some data for your username as: Username, Email, Phone Number, and Password.  Then select submit.

mIQLive 3

4. After you finish regestrasi process, usually you will immediately be brought to the login page. And users will automatically synchronize the data on the phone to the server mIQ

mIQLive 4

5. Synchronization process can also be done manually by selecting the Sync Now button

mIQLive 5

6. Then the backup process will run, wait until the process is completed

mIQLive 6

7. After the backup process is complete check that you have backups of data on the site

mIQLive 7

8. Perform the login process by selecting Login, and enter your username and password

mIQLive 8

9. Once entered into the user then you can see all existing data on your phone will be backup completly

mIQLive 9

10. Just like a social networking server, at mIQ users can update its status by selecting the Update Status button and enter your status

mIQLive 10

11. You can choose what data you want to backup via mIQ, menu option has been provided there, such as: Contact, Calendar, Messages, Calls, Photos and Videos

mIQLive 11

12. Other settings menu is served there is that you can manage data synchronization process automatically or manually.

mIQLive 12

13. Users can select a network that is used as backup media. The choice is to use WiFi or internet network.

mIQLive 13

that's all guys...I think, hopefully useful!!
source : tabloidpulsa

Friday, February 18, 2011

Simple! for Picking Smartphone into Your Pocket

Who does not like to have a smartphone, this gadget has attracted many people to pick and have it immediately, the simplest way of picking a smartphone is how much budget you'll use to have it. Based on this budget does not require you to see the various features offered. Pick with  simple way like : select the model / design, count your money  and pick it. Simple right?

But if budget is not a problem for you and are based on need, there is a good idea before you pick a smartphone to buyyou must first consider several things.

Some of this will be discussed one by one later, which will surely be helpful  for you in order to picking a smartphone in to your pocket, before you even regret it later because of wrong in buying it.

However this is merely a reference only, the decision remains in your hands. My advice is pick a smarthphone that suits your needs.

Ok, here are the things that you should at least pay attention….. read on and enjoy .....

Phone Design
Many people say that they choose the model / design in accordance with the needs of their style, even among them does not care what features are available on a smartphone is useful or not, the important thing is design. Here are some of the usual smartphone designs on the market:



    Candy Bar
    Candy Bar (the most popular design…I think!!)

      Multimedia Package
      People would be pleased if their smartphone devices have many variations of multimedia features like games, music, photo editing, browsing, chat, etc. So what is the multimedia features of your choice? The more complete the better of course ... but you also have to provide a lot of money to get it.
      Are you the type of person who likes to capture every moment that occurs, associated with the device on a smartphone, you should consider the quality of the camera are pinned on your smartphone, the minimal size that can be called decent about 2 megapixels, outstanding brand for Nokia and Sony Ericsson are usually quite good at adding a camera facility which has advantages because it has released a 5 megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss lens, LED flashlight feature additions and features auto white balance, auto focus, auto exposure and Improve image quality. Is perfect !

      Operating System
      As you know, that phone / smartphone is not the sort of gadget that we call the computer, so we can never replace your existing operating system in a gadget. And on the smartphone operating system more or less reflect your lifestyle.

      Many outstanding software platform today, let's call it the Palm OS, Palm webOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android and iPhone OS. For Android, Palm webOS and iPhone OS usually they (the vendor) to update regularly.

      Ok ... Which Operating System is right for you? Of course depending on who you are and what activities you usually do, right?

      Storage media on your smartphone today are highly customized to your needs, if 1 GB is less, you just replace your Media Storage Card, there are various measures that already exist in the market, 2 GB, 8 GB and even 32 GB. Easy isn’t it?

      OK guys, some of the above is that I think is most important to consider in choosing a smartphone product that you will buy, for things other details such as, keyboard, screen, battery and the other, I think you just select who you think fits and in accordance with your pleasure.

      Happy shopping, hope to get your dream gadgets .... Love you all!

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