Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dual View Game 3D TV, TV for PS3 by Sony Corp.

Scheduled this November, Sony Corp. will launch a TV with 3D technology, devoted to owners of Sony PlayStation 3. So what are the benefits of 3D technology this TV?

With the appearance of a simple design and dimensions of 24 inches, PlayStation TV is quite comfortable in playing games with. And most importantly you just spent $ 500 to get this TV.

What is Dual View 3D games? with this technology, so while playing the game this TV can display two different display, the picture like this, usually if you play games especially car racing game screen will be divided into two parts, top and bottom. But with this technology, PlayStation TV screen will not be divided into two parts, because your partner will get a different view with you. Surely it will make you more comfortable in playing the game.

Sony Technology
To get the look you like the above, then you have to wear 3D glasses, either when playing or just watching. And you do not need to worry because the 3D glasses included in the packageof your purchase.

Not just for gaming, but this TV can also be used to see a 3D movie that plays through your PS3 device. In the package you'll get TV, HDMI cable, Resistance 3 and 1 set of 3D glasses.

Here is the specs of the Sony PlayStation 3D TV:
TFT LED backlight display, the dimensions of 24.0 inches, the rate of 240 Hz, HDMI.

Happy gaming!!!

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