Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Survey Declare: HTC Being No. 1 in America and Samsung Get Number 1 In The Global Market

Time is running very fast, especially in the business world more specifically the smartphone market, according to a survey conducted by Canalys in quarter 3 2011, HTC is a Taiwanese manufacturer is said to have become a leader in the U.S. smartphone market, it's based on the number of shipments of products.

HTC managed to distribute the product mentioned about 5.7 million devices with their own brand, still added products with brand T-Mobile managed to distribute some 70,000 units. And succession to the position of the second and three for market share in smartphones in the United States won by Samsung and Apple are each able to record the distribution of goods some 4.9 million units and 4.6 million units. This figure looks very tight and very likely will be again shifted course.

HTC Smartphone
Meanwhile, Samsung through the innovations of products they have sped Smartphone ranked first in the world based on the product distribution data. Smartphone Samsung recorded output has mastered Asia-Pacific markets, Western Europe and Latin America. Samsung is able to distribute their smartphone units 27.3 units a number of devices into the market area, where it is described that Samsung is able to gain market share by 23%, ahead of Nokia, Apple and RIM.

But Apple would not stay silent, through the iPhone 4S products this vendor seems to be more incentive to increase sales figures around the quartal 4 in 2011

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