Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Android ... Being the Biggest, In This Year.

We know that Android some time ago, has become the leader of the smartphone market in the United States, and what happens now? It seems that the influence of market share in the American domination has brought a significant impact in a bid to become leader of the Android smartphone market share globally. And it worked quite well.

According to a recent report from Gartner, noted that half of the global smartphone sales in the third quarter of this year has been dominated by Android. In the calculations a total of 60.5 million units sold smartphone around the world using the Android as its operating system. A percentage of market control can be described that Android managed to gain some market share of 52.2% and this means there is a significant increase from last year in the same quarter of 25.3%.

Android Operating System
From the data reported by Gartner is right the second is Nokia with the Symbian operating system that managed to sell 19.5 million units worldwide smartphone or controls 16.9% market share there. And this means a decline in sales.

Meanwhile, as reported by Gartner Apple only managed to sell 17.3 million units of iPhone in the same quarter this year.

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