Thursday, June 9, 2011

W150i Yendo, a Sony Ericsson’s Mobile Phone

This is a business competition, Sony Ericsson did not want to miss from the other vendors have released a phone with touch screen technology, so the W150i or known by Yendo finally released by Sony Ericsson. Yendo is the first phone from Sony Ericsson that adopted touch-screen media on non-OS mobile devices.

How good this phone? Check this first!!!

Now let's look at this gadget a bit more detail...

At first glance this phone like the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini, if no W logo on the front and we do not realize its longer we will surely be deceived. From the side view W150i (Yendo) This is the successor of the once legendary Walkman series some time ago. This phone is quite petite, plus the body is lightweight and compact and weighs only 81 grams. Materials for the front is made of sturdy plastic and solid, but for the back was not as strong up front.

W150i Yendo
A little inconvenient if we want to open over the battery, because the whole body section is not available slit to open it, so if we want to open it then we should certainly encourage the body of the phone and the screen surface be touched.

Yendo performed with a minimalist design. At the bottom there are a few prominent areas that serve as the back button, the top there is the on / off.

Unfortunately, the Yendo is less reflects a walkman phone that was the genre, because there is no music buttons at all as the easy navigation.

Progress is most felt is the touch screen with capacitive type, we certainly do not need the presence of the stylus, because this is a very sensitive screen with just a touch of a finger or other blunt object.

With a magnitude of only 2.6 inch screen, this phone is able to present a good visualization, plus more with the size 240 x 320 pixel color, the colors on the screen appear brighter.

Operation of the touch screen was quite easy, we just slide up the basic menu link will appear at each corner, and then we select the menu is meant by touch and hold on the icon of the selected menu, pretty easy. Yendo menu structure on the screen is split into 3 distinct commonly referred to as a panel applications.

For the camera, unfortunately Sony Ericsson Yendo present only 2 megapixel camera. On the plus again by trimming the number of features that made Sony Ericsson on this phone, such as auto focus, zoom, smile detection, face detection. This of course reduces the allure of this phone.

For general image quality in outdoor use is pretty good, whereas for use in indoor quality is not too good because the camera on this Yendois minus flash. For the video player quality is still not good, because it is less able to capture images that move well, besides that it is less able to adjust the media recorder with dii lighting around the object, so images often seem less clear

But the audio quality, this phone is capable of spoiling the wearer, a fusion of sound music singer with a voice sounded quite harmonious, so it is nice to be heard.

Internet & Connectivity
To activity internet connection / access data, with GPRS and EDGE class access, this phone can not gave the speed in browsing activity. Display the connection was pretty standard, means for navigation only has 4 icons (back, url address, favorites menu, and send a link) that is placed at the bottom of the screen, so we have to suppress it if wished.

Other Features
Not many new features in this Yendo, only the standard features such as Sony Ericsson's PlayNow and Track ID, and social media features such as facebook and twitter, but it is also available Orkut features. As for games, this phone has 2 default games, Night Club Fever and BB Revolution. While for other features like built-in features every phone like calendar, alarm, notes, recorder, stopwatch and calculator.

This phone is quite attractive because of the touch screen, and the strength of existing audio worthy to give a good appreciation.

Pros: The touch screen, cheap price, steady audio
Cons: A non OS, video player less than the maximum

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