Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Invention : Reminders Memory Gene

Development in technology both in the form of insight and knowledge are transformed in the form of the best gadgets will continue to adorn our lives. One thing that quite interesting is in the study that will be undertaken by experts from MIT, the experts are currently working on research related to brain and memory. They are looking for specific parts of the brain that stores memory associated with events experienced by humans or animals.

The researchers discovered a gene that lights up when a memory is stored in the brain. As revealed by one of the researchers, Ramamoorthi, this could just be a beginning of what is called a "chemical trail" that shows specific parts of the brain that stores memory. This new discovery is a new thing in the understanding of the brain. And expected to be used as material for further research to modify or even to create a memory.

Researchers from MIT found the fact that in working to save memory, the memory of our brain will transform it into a password by changing the connections between neurons. In doing so it is actually many genes are lit. But there is one gene that later proved to be most important, which was then a major gene, named Npas4. The gene is active in the hippocampus, a brain structure which is also known to work to establish long-term memory.

In an experiment that has been conducted on rats by giving smooth electric shocks when the animal enters a room, what happens in a few minutes later is the mice were studied for fear of entering a room that has been provided earlier. At that moment known gene called Npas4 was reacting strongly enough. And when the researchers "turn off" the gene, the mice had proved unable to remember the condition of fear.

The researchers also plan to identify whether the neurons are active when the memory is formed is also active during memory reoccur. This course will assist the researchers in charge of ensuring the neurons which store the memory.

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