Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tips : Share Your Blogs with Your Google+ Followers

It is very interesting indeed look at google technology developments in particular in the presence of a new application that supports our activities on the internet. This tips for those of you who have blogs on Blogger, now you can connect it to your Google+ account. You can share about the last conten that you publish in your blog, so that your followers will be easier to follow the news / activity that you do in your blog.
To run it was fairly easy, you just need to use your Google+ public profile to identify your blog, even this step can easily do through Google blogger website. Then you can choose which blog will be share through Google+, and also very easy to disable, so that if at any time you do not want to use the service again, you can just disable it.

You are interested in using this tips? It felt really need to try, then you decide whether this step is advantageous and beneficial to you or not? Simple right?

Have a nice blogging experience!!!


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