Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cool Jeans for Cool Gadget Lover

Do you really like using a pair of jeans? For you are a gadget lovers, wearing a jeans means a little trouble in storing your gadgets in the back pocket isn't it? And you might not think to store in with a bag tied to your belt, because this model is already very outdated.

Well .... Now there is good news for you, or this may be inspiring you to make and create your own model you like, or maybe your fashion business, you can quickly replicate this concept and immediately launches a better product.

Gadget Lovers Stuff

This news taken from coolgadgets, and shows that the custom made jeans is designed by a pocket that big enough to hold your iPhone or iPod. But do not worry because this pocket has been fitted with a soft cushion to withstand the gadgets that we carry from the pressures that might have happened.

Of existing designs, these jeans also provide secret pockets to keep your USB stick. Then What is the price these jeans? Hmm .. jeans are “only” priced at € 109.

What do you think guys?

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