Monday, December 5, 2011

RIM Has Prepared Several Variants Blackberry Brand for 2012

A company certainly does not want his secret revealed. It may be that this will cause a lot of speculation from some quarters that may cause harm. But a business does smell like it. Just how this is addressed by the company concerned. Instead that information is circulated prior to the time it could be is an attempt to do branding early with a variety of purposes that exist.

Whatever be the background of the circulation of this information, for us remains as a viable information to be observed. And this will add to the splendor of the gadget world is incredible.

Blackberry Smartphone

Back to talk about some of the brands that might be launched by RIM in 2012 that reportedly will carry BBX operating system, some are the BlackBerry London / Surfboard and BlackBerry Milan which is a variant of the Blackberry London according to the news that there will be launched around March 2012.

There is also a rumored BlackBerry Nevada as BBX with a QWERTY keyboard mobile phone will be launched in November, while there are also BlackBerry Lisbon which will come with a slider form factor, but it is not known exactly when it will be launched. Then there are the BlackBerry Blackforest which according to the news is as BBX based tablet with a 10 inch screen.

However, the unfolding of some brands of RIM's future output is not accompanied by news about the detailed specifications and features.

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