Friday, October 5, 2012

gadget-arian : New Episode of Apple vs. Google: Is Apple Will Win ?

For a long time relying on Google Maps, Apple finally decided to no longer use it. Starting in iOS 6 operating system, Apple is using their own maps service, Apple Maps.

However and unfortunately, Apple Maps does not seem to be prepared properly. As example, in the directions shown on the map, many of which are not accurate. 3-dimensional features of Apple Maps was not good, as a result a lot of building form that appears visible is not as it should be.

Than Why Apple No Longer Uses Google Maps?

 This is the reason :

Google Maps On Android Looks Better When Compared Google Maps On Apple 

One reason for Apple to stop the service Google Maps possible because Apple was not given a good service by Google. Chris Ziegler of The Verge technology media, said that Google Maps for Android is getting better than the version for iOS.

This happens because Android is an operating system made ​​by Google itself. Apple was not satisfied with Google's policies. "Apple considers that older versions of Google Maps in iOS lags behind Android, especially since there is no access to turn by turn navigation has been given by Google on Android in recent years," writes Chris.

Apple Fails Forcing Google

Apple initially wanted to use the data from Google to roll out voice-based navigation service on iOS. But they failed to force Google to give it.

"Apple continues to compel Google to provide the data necessary to carry voice-guided navigation to iOS. But according to sources, Google has invested a lot to create the data did not want to hand it over," said John Paczkowski from AllThingsD.

Google assess that these features are advantages of the Android operating system creations. This is one reason Apple soon divorcing Google Maps.

Apple Not Want to Wait 

According to sources, Apple actually will stop the Google Maps service in 2013. But they decided to speed it up.

John grubber, an technology analyst, consider that Apple does not want to wait any longer for Google to grant his request. They immediately launched its own Maps service.

Moreover, the introduction of Apple Maps also gain momentum. That in conjunction with the release of the iPhone 5 and iOS operating system 6, which attracted much attention.

Apple Also Wants to Be Superior In Maps

Apple might know from the beginning that they have a map service problems. But they speculate that the fans will understand and then Apple will continue to develop for the better.

Matthew Yglesias, a technology analyst, assessing Apple also had a dream that one day could be a superior map service provider as its rivals.

"The Apple achieved by ending the relationship with Google is a chance that one day they had a map of the best in the world. During Apple still relies on Google, they will never have that opportunity," said Matthew.

Apple Wants More Innovative From Google

Although there are some problems, some parties felt that such facilities like Flyover and 3-D vision option is quite good. New York Times media rate, 3-D map options Apple is an advantage over Google Maps.

Monday, September 24, 2012

gadget-arian : 5 Most Expensive iPhone Application

IOS operating system that strengthens the famous iPhone has a choice of exciting applications. Some are free, some are paid. Want to know what applications are most expensive in iOS?

Reported by Distimo, a mobile application analyst, outstanding applications in the iTunes App Store is bounded on the price of $ 999.99 due must be no more than $ 1,000. Some of these applications not only present for the iPhone, but also for the iPad.

Here are 5 of them:

1. Agro App (iPhone/iPad, USD 999,99)

iOS applications

This application is intended for the agronomic, those who care about administration of agricultural crops. Agro said to be able to create and distribute inspection reports about the land.

"No matter what field of agronomy you run, whether it's dealing vineyards, farms, sugar cane, with large-scale or small-scale, it will save time and work efficiency by eliminating duplication of documents," wrote Agro.

2. MobiGage Laser  App (iPhone/iPad, USD 999,99)

iOS applications

This is an application that works with laser metrology Leica to measure materials in manufacturing plants. MobiGage laser can be used in the production of aircraft and automobiles.

"The reason why this application is priced $ 1,000 is because Apple forbids us to mematoknya at the price of USD 25,000. This is a payment that is worthy of an innovation that was born from the PC version," said Frank Ruotolo, President Titansan Engineering, MobiGage maker.

3. BarMax App (iPhone/iPad, USD 999,99)

iOS applications

This application is created by Hawvard Lawyers Team and iPhone developers. It can be guessed, try BarMax present as a solution for users who are preparing for the exam essay, MBE, to test competency.

Because contains a lot of content, the size of this application is very large, up to 1.4 gigabytes total, making it one of the largest sized applications in iTunes.

Sina Mobasser, co-founder TestMax Inc., Making this app BarMax said that the price is pegged at $ 1,000 figure is actually still cheaper and valuable than if the user follows the traditional course method.

4. iVIP Black App (iPhone, USD 999,99)

iOS applications

This is a premium service tool for iPhone users. For this application, users can booking a private jet, yacht, private island and other fancy stuff.

5. Engine Connect App (iPad, USD 999,99)

iOS applications

Engine Connect can be used in a TV weatherman presenter, Sportscaster and news readers using the iPad to manipulate the animation and graphics. So that viewers at home can feel the sensation of the animation directly on the glass screen.

gadget-arian : Cost Production of iPhone 5

iPhone 5 production
IPhone 5 16GB Unlocked price is $ 649. How much profit can be gained from the sale of the Apple iPhone 5 16GB?

Quoted from VentureBeat, UBM Tech Insight analyzes that Apple should spend money of 167.5 U.S. dollars to produce an iPhone 5 16GB unlocked version.

According to Tech Insight, which are the most expensive component in the iPhone 5 is A6 processor. Components are expected to have a four-core is expected to be priced at 28 U.S. dollars.

The second most expensive component of the iPhone 5 is a 4G LTE modem from Qualcomm. It is estimated that the modem has a price of 25 U.S. dollars. From total cost of production Apple will get a gross profit of 481.5 U.S. dollars.

The gross profit margin was not entirely to Apple. They still have to pay for the marketing and promotion of the iPhone 5 is budgeted from the gross profit. However, the rest of the profit is expected to remain large enough for Apple. For comparison, Apple gets a net income of 8.8 billion dollars in the last quarter.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Taking Pictures with Samsung Galaxy S III Using Voice Command

 Android-based smartphones usually have a camera shutter button, or some are equipped with a combination of buttons to take photos. If you owned a smartphone, which does not have any buttons other than the touch screen, especially like the Samsung Galaxy S III, on Samsung Galaxy S III you can actually give orders to this smartphone when taking a photo just with your voice commands.

To do this, you must activate the voice command application, simply by running a few very easy steps. Here's how to start:

Step 1: Tap Settings after you select the menu button on your gadget. Scroll down and select the language and input.
samsung galaxy s iii feature

Step 2: Tap the slider next to Voice cmd for apps so that it displays a green On label.
voice commands on samsung galaxy siii

Step 3: The last step please open the Camera app, and if you are ready to take pictures, just say "shoot".
gadget tips

The camera automatically takes the photo for you, and not just the word "shoot" that could be used, you can change them as your own creations, but not all words can be used, please choose according to your own pleasure.

Is it useful for you? This all depends on your own.

Friday, September 14, 2012

gadget-arian : Nintendo Wii U Officially Launch On November 18

nintendo Wii U
AP/Mark Lennihan
taken from yahoo news

Nintendo Wii U game console which determines start at $ 300 and go on sale in the United States on November 18, at the holidays time.

A deluxe version will sell for $ 350. Includes additional features such as more memory, stand charger and the game Nintendo land.

Nintendo Co. has tried to drum up enthusiasm for the Wii U, which is to launch the first major game console in 2006. equipped a touch screen interface called Wii U Game Pad.

The company announced there is a new feature called Nintendo TVii, this feature allows the user to choose a program such as watching movies, TV shows, and sports. These services include pay-TV services with services like Hulu and Netflix.

And Game pad can work as a remote and will help viewers explore many programs they can watch. This service also captures a scene from the TV and displays on the controller. Viewers can then comment on the scenes and share it on Twitter or Facebook, if they wish. so, users can watch TV while playing a game and then comment and share with friends.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

gadget-arian: iPhone 5 Launch

Slimmer, Lighter and Brighter: Apple Launches New iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5 is equipped with a 4-inch screen, comes with front and rear glass and aluminum. 
  • 8 megapixel camera.
  • New software from Apple replaces Google's maps. 
  • Equipped with 4G antenna. 
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. say saying ‘Apple has never been stronger’ as the new handset was revealed. This phone will go on sale on September 21, and is priced the same as the previous version, 4S. With a casing made ​​of glass and aluminum, making the iPhone 5 as the thinnest smartphone ever made, it has a thickness of 7.6mm. Equipped with an eight megapixel camera that can take 28-megapixel panoramic images. 
Here are some photos of the procession was the launch of the gadget : 

apple launch
iphone 5
iphone 5 features
apple iphone 5
iphone 5 launch
iphone and celebrity
iphone 5
iphone 5 price
iphone 5 capability

Friday, September 7, 2012

How To Install Androids Apps On SD Card

As we know Android as the operating system offers many applications that can be used by its users. Moreover, Android offers a lot of applications that can be downloaded for free. That is why
That is why the number of daily activation reached to 900 thousand devices.

The more the number of applications in smartphone devices certainly require greater memory space. Unfortunately, by default any application that you install on your android device will definitely go into the internal memory of the phone. And certainly we have Android devices have limited internal memory capacity, and this will limit the number of applications that you can install into your own smartphone.

Ways to overcome the limitations of internal memory, you can move the installed applications from the internal memory to external memory safely without the need to take risks such as routing or other hacking steps.

The following steps:
Download this file, then ekstract file named "Enable Move To SD.bat" to the PC. 
Androids Apps On SD CArd

Make sure you have installed the smartphone to your PC drivers.
Activating USB debugging on your phone by giving a check mark in settings -> applications -> development -> USB Debugging. Especially for phones with Android OS 4.0, you can find the setting USB Debugging by going to settings -> developer options -> android debugging. 
Install Androids Apps
Enable also install APK from unrecognized sources by providing a check mark in settings -> Security -> device administration -> unknwon sources. 
Androids Apps
After that, connect the phone to the PC. 
Once connected properly, immediately run the "Enable Move To SD" 
Enable Move To SD Card
To move applications from internal memory to external memory, Please login below to settings -> applications -> manage applications. and select the application you want to move by selecting the "Move To SD Card". 
Here's an example of the difference image facebook application before reactivation "Move To SD Card" to facebook application after successfully activate the "Move To SD Card". 
facebook Apps


facebook for Androids

Friday, June 8, 2012

Monitor Audio Sound Frame, It's A Cool Gadget Too

Sound Frame

Interior design now can not be separated from technological developments. Many gadgets such as a multimedia device that we can use to enhance your room design, such as the sound system to enjoy favorite music. However, sometimes the existence of such a device as limit the movement when performing daily activities.

As a solution to the problem at once interior audio system you can try this one device, Sound Frame made by Monitor Audio. Unique design, similar to the picture frame / photo, which is suitable also functioned as interior decoration. This audio device can be displayed or hung on the wall. Or even placed side by side with other matching furniture, to make it look 'nice'. 

Sound Frame Technology

Behind the simple appearance, Sound Frame has a sophisticated mid-range speaker size 4 inch Inverted Dual Concentric technology (IDC). And reinforced with 6.5-inch bass driver, in order to improve voice output so that more detailed and natural. 

Sound Frame has been produced by two types, namely in-wall type that can be mounted to the wall of the room and on-wall type, which can be displayed like a painting. To look at the frame / frame it has provided some of the ornaments and photography, which can be tailored to your decor.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Android No Longer Used By Samsung...?

Tizen Platform On Samsung Mobile
Samsung has become the world's top smartphone vendor. This is, of course, because the support of the operating system that is very popular today, namely Android, which now continues to be the mainstay platform for Samsung Galaxy. But... 

As known in addition to Android, it's actually Korean vendor has its own operating system called Bada, which has been used in several of his cell phone. Although not too bright as its Android mobile phone, mobile phone sales in 2011, Bada and close to 10 million units.

Not long ago, Samsung announced the Galaxy S III. Of course with a variety of neat features in it, the smartphone that Samsung seems to be a weapon to remain the top vendors in the arena of competitive smartphone market. However, no matter how good Android to Samsung, Samsung does not want rely on to single vendor.

 Last January, Samsung has announced working on a new project led by Intel, to develop Linux-based operating system known as Tizen. As revealed by Kang Tae-jin, the company intends to merge Tizen and Bada.

Samsung have not stated a long-term goals regarding the cooperation with Intel. But quite interesting, the first debut of the new mobile platform has been done on the Tizen Developer Conference 2012. If viewed from the hardware on the Tizen Smartphone, which includes 720p high-definition screen, dual-core processor 1.2 GHz ARM-based, indicate if the operating system may not only strived for an entry level Samsung Smartphone. Moreover, Samsung has been much involved with developing Tizen user interface.

As a result, even though Android has become the flagship platform, Samsung seems to have begun to realize that it must have the initiative if it wants to have more control. In the Galaxy S III for example, although the Samsung TouchWiz UI has been polished and modify with other software, it will still be limited by nature when dealing with another company's platform.

While Tizen, even though its open source which means it can not be controlled entirely by Samsung, but because the samsung is very intense involvement in the development platform, it will at least give us a strong taste of the Samsung smartphone based on Tizen... later. So, we wait!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Samsung Omnia M: To Be Released

samsung omnia m
Korean manufacturer Samsung will launch a new smartphone called Samsung Omnia M. According to the reports this smartphone will use Windows Phone 7.5 Mango as the operating system. Samsung Omnia M is a smartphone that has a function for social networking and have entertainment features.

The new specification was discovered that the Samsung Omnia M has a high specification with embedded Single Core 1GHz processor and 384 MB of RAM. Super AMOLED screen that uses the features that have a "Reduce Glare" has a 4 inch size with a screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Pinned on the back side of a 5 MP camera with LED flash, and VGA camera placed in front, so that with this Samsung Omnia M you can do video chat. In addition, the Samsung Omnia M also has 4GB of internal storage, network connections up to 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. For generating power using a 1.500 mAh battery.

Go to the installed applications, Samsung was still include specific applications developed by Samsung itself, namely Samsung ChatOn. A multi-platform chat application that delivers cloud-based service. In addition there is the Samsung Allshare for wirelessly streaming media. The plan, Samsung Omnia M will slide in the market the first time in the European region, and will be continued in the surrounding countries

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pioneer HDJ-1500, Headphone For Professional DJ

pioneer HDJ-1500 Headphone
Pioneer proved very reliable in producing a music device, which helps a variety of musical activities.

Pioneer has recently launched a headphone, for professional DJs. These headphones have an extra-clear sound output and quality. With low impedance (32 ohms) and exclusive 'hearing room' (soundproofing chamber), which can reduce noise from outside. 

As a professional headphone, specifications owned by Pioneer HDJ-1500 is more than enough. Material composed of copper cable, with cast aluminum, which is claimed to deliver music with a good flow. This Enclosed dynamic stereo headphones type has a maximum frequency response of 5 Hz to 30,000 Hz. Maximum input in 3500 mW, with a sensitivity until 108 dB. 

Design, the Pioneer HDJ-1500 adopted a lightweight magnesium alloy material. With flexible earcase, that can be rotated 45 degrees and folded up. While on the earpad complete with soft foam and covered with leather, which installed perfectly on the ear and wll isolate the sound. Moreover, in terms of dimensions and weights is relatively comfortable to wear. 

Pioneer HDJ-1500 specification: 
  • Type: Enclosed dynamic stereo headphones.
  • Frequency Respon: 5 Hz to 30,000 Hz. 
  • Impedance: 32 ohm. 
  • Max Input: 3,500 mW. 
  • Output Sound Level: 108 dB. 
  • Driver Unit: 50 mm domes. 
  • Cabel: 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack (gold-plated, two-way, screw type). 
  • Weight: 10 ons (without wire)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trick To Get The Best Feng Shui On Car

What is Feng Shui ?
Feng Shui is a science that was developed almost over 3000 years ago in China. Feng Shui is learning about the harmonization of the room (a place) with the wind. And harmonization will produce energy, and the energy is believed to affect the lives of people who are in it.

Typically, Fengshui is applied to a home or building, but in fact the science of feng shui can be applied to our car. How does this work?

One thing that is quite unique is the application of feng shui in this car is coming from an American's largest automotive companies, namely Ford.

Ford told his customers how to practice feng shui. Feng shui tips for cars based on a automobile body part, such as:

Engines, it is believed that this engine represents a car owner career. Front seat of the car described the health of their owners. Right rear-view, illustrating that you are the person who likes to help. The left rear-view, illustrating that you really like to find useful knowledge. The right side rear of the vehicle, describe your creativity. The left side rear of the vehicle, describe your relationship with your family.

feng shui on car

Well, to add to your fortune with your favorite vehicle. The following are some Feng Shui tips you can do :
  • Reduce clutter in your car cabin. This will provide more space and comfort in driving. And the positive chi energy will flow.
  • You might be able to start giving nicknames for your favorite car. It is believed to provide a better relationship with your vehicle.
  • In feng shui, the color is very important. Choose the right color for your vehicle, because it could provide a balance within yourself. For example, if you belong to the temperament of the street, choose the "water element" like the black color so you will be more calm. Retirees can choose elements from the wood or fire like a red or green to make the atmosphere more lively.
  • Adding accessories is also good. But choose accessories that will not interfere with driving activities.
  • Using the symbol is also important in feng shui. For example, such as a medal or picture as a reminder to drive safely, or to reduce stress.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Upgrade or Buy A New Notebook


buy now gadget

Upgrade or buy now? the question that often arises in our minds, right? How not, almost every year would appear a new range of notebook products that always gives the advantages, the average of increase in performance in every new platform is about 20-30%.

For instance, Intel Core i Arrandale was only retained one year alone and than come up Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge and then up again and so forth. This of course will make your notebook left behind by the appearance of products with the new platform.

Usually, after using your notebook for 2 years, you would think of buying a new notebook unit on the grounds that your point is to get a better performance. But apparently there is a discourse that you can consider before buying a new notebook unit. By performing the upgrade on a notebook that you had before.
And apparently with an average budget of more or less similar to the budget that will be used to buy a new notebook, you can upgrade for your notebook and get a much better performance.

Here we can see the test results of the upgrade steps that we can do.

Used to test is FX400 notebook MSI type, processor intel core i5 450 M, the memory using SODIMM DDR3 2GB, 500GB SATA hard disk and graphics card 1GB NVIDIA GeForce 325M.
and will be upgraded using 520 Intel SATA SSD storage with a capacity of 240GB using SandForce 2 chipset.

Both will do the same test, to be compared to its performance. And why only on the storage will be undertaken to upgrade? Because the addition of memory was not so influential on performance improvement.

OK, the following tests performed:

Using Sysmark 2007


Of tests conducted, we can see that an increase in performance up to 30% overall (preview rating). With the higher points generated, then describes the performance better.

Startup Windows 7 Test

startup window 7

Tests done manually, using a timer which starts from ignition until the opening of the display windows 7.
And it turns out the upgrade will provide significant impact windowsnya startup speed (up to 50% more)

Adobe PhotoShop CS5 Test

photoshop test

We know that the application of the most popular image editing is a Photoshop CS5, in testing this time using a tool called Phtoshop Speed ​​Test.
This application focuses on the performance of the processor and memory. The test results are shown in units of time.
And the results appear to use the SSD performance is much faster than using the hard disk.

Loading Game Testing

Loading a game turns out to be very fast to nearly 100% increase.

Replacement or upgrade the hard disk with SSD will significantly improve the performance of a notebook.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ipad 3 Release Date - Bring Some Amazing Features.

iPad 3 realease

iPad 3 release date will be announced in the very near date. And it seems, Apple will announce the launch of the iPad 3 on March 7, 2012. Various groups have been waiting for this new Apple's product. Especially the fans of the Apple iPad.

iPad 3 rumors are stating, that the ipad 3...
will carry some very nice features in it such as Retina Display screen with a size of 9.7 inches with a resolution of about 2048 x 1536 pixels, iPad 3 reportedly supported by the quad-core A6 processor, in addition to connectivity-beside 3G and Wi-Fi, iPad 3 is equipped with a main 4G LTE connectivity. iPad 3 rumors reportedly have undergone redesigns and 1 mm thicker than the iPad 2.

There is a rumors about interesting ideas issued by AatmaStudio about Apple iPad 3 Concept Features and upload to youtube. In the video, displays some interesting ideas about the iPad in the future. Such as the possibility of combining some of the iPad into one piece, and many others. Although this is just an idea, but millions of people are very interested to find out. It can describe how most people look forward to the presence of this Apple iPad 3.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Angry Birds On Facebook Now.

Angry Birds

All would have been very familiar with Angry Birds game, this game is pretty phenomenal, because since its launch until now has been getting very many takers. And felt quite encouraging for the game lovers of this game, now has officially announced that this game have now been present in the facebook version. Which is very exciting, Angry Birds in the facebook version is more cool and rich of features than Google+ version which was launched in 2011.
Angry Birds facebook version is run with Adobe Flash 11 and 3D graphics support, so as to give the effect of smoke, light, until the explosion felt more alive. And has also added features that are referred to as "power up". Power-up feature allows the user to take action to cheating. Features of "power up", among others: Scope Sling, Sling King, Super Seeds and Birdquake. But to be able to use the features of the user will charge of $ 1 USD for every 20 times the action.

Angry Birds on facebook version is available in the episode of  Pouched Eggs, Mighty Hoax and the Golden Eggs.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Invention : Gadget That Will Help Blind People To "See"

An invention that will help the blind to be able to "see" the world, where this gadget uses sound to open visual cortex of persons with blindness and allow them to be able to see.

The Subtitution Sensory Device, which had actually been invented by a Dutch researcher (Dr. Peter Meijer) since 20 years ago, and now again be developed by a research team from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The team is headed by Dr. Amir Amedi stated, that the vision of the brain in general, auditory and data of palpation was not important to interpret things that exist and happen around people.

Even the MRI test (Magnetic Resonance Imaging test) showed Gadget that was created by Dr. Peter Meijer can activate pathways whose effects are similar to those seen in the vision of people who are not blind.

The Subtitution Sensory Device  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

iPhone's Resale Price is Higher Than The Competitor (Blackberry & Android)

What are your considerations when buying a smartphone? maybe one of them is the resale price. There is an opinion stating that the resale price is the most objective indicator to assess the quality of the smartphone. Because it is believed as the market opinion about the quality of the product.

Speaking of the resale price was tops iPhone than Android and Blackberry. In a survey said that after we use the iPhone for 18 months, the price of the iPhone is still about 53% of new price, while Android and Blackberry 42% and 41% from new price.

In other words, if you buy an iPhone today, then for a few months the used price of iPhone will not vary much with the price when we bought it, in contrast with the Android phone within a few months fore, the resale price will be reduced by several hundred dollars.

iPhone, Android, and Blackberry Resale Values

iPhone, Android, and Blackberry Price Depreciation


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nokia Belle : Latest Update For Symbian^3

Nokia has done an update on smartphones based on Symbian ^ 3, precisely on February 7, 2012. According to the release, update the operating system software on Nokia named Nokia Belle.

Nokia Belle in the update provides 3 things that deserve to be enjoyed by users of this smartphone, among other : performance improvement and feture-feature in it, will always provide an update to existing applications, and claimed has better stability.

That was revealed about some of the new features available on Nokia Belle, among others:
  • Six homescreen
  • the addition of widgets
  • Notification bar
  • Shortcut to turn on and turn off bluetooth, wifi, and audio
Several series Nokia smartphone that can use this software for nokia series include 710, N8, E7, C7, E6, C601 and Oro series. And included in several countries like United Arab Emirates, Russia, Turkey, Poland, England, Germany, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Italy.

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