Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nokia Belle : Latest Update For Symbian^3

Nokia has done an update on smartphones based on Symbian ^ 3, precisely on February 7, 2012. According to the release, update the operating system software on Nokia named Nokia Belle.

Nokia Belle in the update provides 3 things that deserve to be enjoyed by users of this smartphone, among other : performance improvement and feture-feature in it, will always provide an update to existing applications, and claimed has better stability.

That was revealed about some of the new features available on Nokia Belle, among others:
  • Six homescreen
  • the addition of widgets
  • Notification bar
  • Shortcut to turn on and turn off bluetooth, wifi, and audio
Several series Nokia smartphone that can use this software for nokia series include 710, N8, E7, C7, E6, C601 and Oro series. And included in several countries like United Arab Emirates, Russia, Turkey, Poland, England, Germany, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Italy.

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