Sunday, February 12, 2012

iPhone's Resale Price is Higher Than The Competitor (Blackberry & Android)

What are your considerations when buying a smartphone? maybe one of them is the resale price. There is an opinion stating that the resale price is the most objective indicator to assess the quality of the smartphone. Because it is believed as the market opinion about the quality of the product.

Speaking of the resale price was tops iPhone than Android and Blackberry. In a survey said that after we use the iPhone for 18 months, the price of the iPhone is still about 53% of new price, while Android and Blackberry 42% and 41% from new price.

In other words, if you buy an iPhone today, then for a few months the used price of iPhone will not vary much with the price when we bought it, in contrast with the Android phone within a few months fore, the resale price will be reduced by several hundred dollars.

iPhone, Android, and Blackberry Resale Values

iPhone, Android, and Blackberry Price Depreciation


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