Thursday, February 16, 2012

Angry Birds On Facebook Now.

Angry Birds

All would have been very familiar with Angry Birds game, this game is pretty phenomenal, because since its launch until now has been getting very many takers. And felt quite encouraging for the game lovers of this game, now has officially announced that this game have now been present in the facebook version. Which is very exciting, Angry Birds in the facebook version is more cool and rich of features than Google+ version which was launched in 2011.
Angry Birds facebook version is run with Adobe Flash 11 and 3D graphics support, so as to give the effect of smoke, light, until the explosion felt more alive. And has also added features that are referred to as "power up". Power-up feature allows the user to take action to cheating. Features of "power up", among others: Scope Sling, Sling King, Super Seeds and Birdquake. But to be able to use the features of the user will charge of $ 1 USD for every 20 times the action.

Angry Birds on facebook version is available in the episode of  Pouched Eggs, Mighty Hoax and the Golden Eggs.

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