Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Top Operating System Is Android, Top Smartphone Manufacturer is Apple

Based on data released by Nielsen in June 2011, in America Android back again tops the operating system with a market share of 39%. IOS an operating system that was launched by Apple was ranked second with a market share of 28%, then RIM BlackBerry able to gain market share by 20%

As for Windows Mobile and Windows Phone numbers combined market share is 9%. Then the market share for webOS and Symbian, each able to gain market share by 2%

As we know, because Apple is the sole manufacturer offering smartphones with operating system IOS, then automatically this vendor is the most top in the United States.

But HTC is also worth to be taken into account, because the two vendors is able to capture market share smartphone in America. HTC is able to achieve 20% market share of smartphones in the U.S., with details of 14% for the Android smartphone and 6% for Windows Mobile / WP 7.

Smartphone and Operating System Map
While Samsung is only able to reach 8% of sales on the Android phones and 2% of Windows Mobile phones. Motorola did not miss it, Motorola is able to achieve a market share of 11%.

This is the overview map and Smartphone Operating System market in America. Since America is still a reference to this world, then the image map of the world's market share was I sure do not differ much.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Available in Blackberry App World : Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0

Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0 is available in Bleckberry App World, according to an announcement released by Research In Motion (RIM) the manufacturer of the Blackberry, not only for the Blackberry, the application is also available for Blackberry Playbook tablet.

This latest application is claimed will feature a sleek new look, and has completed several new features, including facebook chat

The features offered by this application include:

See Who ‘Likes’ us. The application lets the user can see the names of friends who press the "like" on the post by the user. The users of these applications can also be connected directly with the names of friends to be acquainted with look into their profile.

Control over their privacy and to update the status. With this application allows users to control who can view status updates made by users of this application. How to use it is quite simple, simply by clicking on the sign at the bottom right of this application so that users can choose who can view its status in facebook account.

Facebook events. This application allows users to see the events that pass in the facebook account, such as birthdays, etc., and can receive notification of new acquaintances. This application can also be used to see the events there in more detail such as time, place, guest lists and more. Users can even see the RSVP and write messages on the walls of the event.

Facebook Place. This application users may choose to tell where they are, what they were doing and with whom at that time.

Blackberry App World
Interesting isn’t it? Please for BlackBerry users to enjoy these applications. Get right away!

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