Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Invention : Gadget That Will Help Blind People To "See"

An invention that will help the blind to be able to "see" the world, where this gadget uses sound to open visual cortex of persons with blindness and allow them to be able to see.

The Subtitution Sensory Device, which had actually been invented by a Dutch researcher (Dr. Peter Meijer) since 20 years ago, and now again be developed by a research team from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The team is headed by Dr. Amir Amedi stated, that the vision of the brain in general, auditory and data of palpation was not important to interpret things that exist and happen around people.

Even the MRI test (Magnetic Resonance Imaging test) showed Gadget that was created by Dr. Peter Meijer can activate pathways whose effects are similar to those seen in the vision of people who are not blind.

The Subtitution Sensory Device  

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