Sunday, July 10, 2011

PC Diagnostic Dice

What is it? just check this out....

Do you often feel confused when your computer to crash / problem? Just because you're not a computer technician. It was frustrating when we are in need of computers for work, but it turns out our computer is in trouble.

But now, you do not need to feel confused again facing your computer is in trouble, even if you do not know what the right solution to fix it. Because there is now a gadget, known as PC Diagnostic Dice.

This gadget is claimed to be able to provide solutions for problems of your computer, this gadget is quite unique consists of 3 pieces of colorful dice, and on each side of dice listed text messages. A text message is what will give clues to the problems on your computer.

PC Diagnostic Dice
How to use it is very easy, you just need to throw the three dice, and then the dice are told the problem on your computer while providing a solution in just seconds.

This unique gadget is made of acrylic material, and the price is quite affordable at about $ 20. How? You feel the need to have it? Please try to buy and take the benefits.

It was nice to share with you all…..:)

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