Friday, February 18, 2011

Simple! for Picking Smartphone into Your Pocket

Who does not like to have a smartphone, this gadget has attracted many people to pick and have it immediately, the simplest way of picking a smartphone is how much budget you'll use to have it. Based on this budget does not require you to see the various features offered. Pick with  simple way like : select the model / design, count your money  and pick it. Simple right?

But if budget is not a problem for you and are based on need, there is a good idea before you pick a smartphone to buyyou must first consider several things.

Some of this will be discussed one by one later, which will surely be helpful  for you in order to picking a smartphone in to your pocket, before you even regret it later because of wrong in buying it.

However this is merely a reference only, the decision remains in your hands. My advice is pick a smarthphone that suits your needs.

Ok, here are the things that you should at least pay attention….. read on and enjoy .....

Phone Design
Many people say that they choose the model / design in accordance with the needs of their style, even among them does not care what features are available on a smartphone is useful or not, the important thing is design. Here are some of the usual smartphone designs on the market:



    Candy Bar
    Candy Bar (the most popular design…I think!!)

      Multimedia Package
      People would be pleased if their smartphone devices have many variations of multimedia features like games, music, photo editing, browsing, chat, etc. So what is the multimedia features of your choice? The more complete the better of course ... but you also have to provide a lot of money to get it.
      Are you the type of person who likes to capture every moment that occurs, associated with the device on a smartphone, you should consider the quality of the camera are pinned on your smartphone, the minimal size that can be called decent about 2 megapixels, outstanding brand for Nokia and Sony Ericsson are usually quite good at adding a camera facility which has advantages because it has released a 5 megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss lens, LED flashlight feature additions and features auto white balance, auto focus, auto exposure and Improve image quality. Is perfect !

      Operating System
      As you know, that phone / smartphone is not the sort of gadget that we call the computer, so we can never replace your existing operating system in a gadget. And on the smartphone operating system more or less reflect your lifestyle.

      Many outstanding software platform today, let's call it the Palm OS, Palm webOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android and iPhone OS. For Android, Palm webOS and iPhone OS usually they (the vendor) to update regularly.

      Ok ... Which Operating System is right for you? Of course depending on who you are and what activities you usually do, right?

      Storage media on your smartphone today are highly customized to your needs, if 1 GB is less, you just replace your Media Storage Card, there are various measures that already exist in the market, 2 GB, 8 GB and even 32 GB. Easy isn’t it?

      OK guys, some of the above is that I think is most important to consider in choosing a smartphone product that you will buy, for things other details such as, keyboard, screen, battery and the other, I think you just select who you think fits and in accordance with your pleasure.

      Happy shopping, hope to get your dream gadgets .... Love you all!

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